Picture uploading on wordpress and firefox still faulty

So I’m just going to temporarily use some other sources to post up my pictures. This is stupid? Why isn’t it getting fixed???

(update: I have all ready found a solution and that was to remove google gears from the extensions in the browser.)

angels digital illustration

angels digital illustration

^ for the eyeko competition

Also scanned in a better copy of this old picture:

The Witch's Tree House

From my old color and design assignment. Almost a year old and I still like it. Although, I’m not sure if the story I had in mind will fit the scene anymore. Actually, the you can see markings on the picture because gouache is unforgiving about scratches and fingerprints….

And… my sock puppets?! I am thinking about setting up an account on etsy soon, but I don’t know how much I should sell them for. I didn’t realize puppets go up to $20. That is pretty crazy.

Golden Zebra

g.Zebra side view

Blue Bear

Usagi chan

Blue Piggy and White Bunny

Blue Piggy

Mr. Lucky Cat


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