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All right, so I had long  sinced figured out what was wrong with the uploading thing. It was because of new updates for google gears, so I uninstalled that. But it’s not like that thing was important since I don’t rememeber what it does.

Well, I had reformated my computer too, so I will not be installing things haphazardly anymore. Laggy computer was because I had dead junk in my hard drive so I had to clean it up. I think every year, I have had to reformat, so its like… moving. You get used to it. Packing up boxing, unpacking boxes. I hate it, I always keep boxes, maybe that is an incentive, but I know for sure that I won’t be staying in one spot for too long. But having an external hard drive just makes the job much much easier than it did 4 years ago. But back then, all I had was games. Well, I’m not too sorry for all the pictures I’ve lost, except for the original file of my old claymation project. So all I have is a link on youtube. :\ Oh well! But I had done some crap ass drawings I don’t really want to look at anymore. They’re saved onto some floppies but floppies are so old… I don’t know if they last. Hmm.. which reminds me, I never look at old pictures again. One of my summer projects was to scan in and compare all my old pictures, but now that summer school is happening, I don’t think I have time.

I’m a little scared, I have digital illustration. D: I realize I am not very good with digital as everyone else. I’ve always felt somewhat inferior in skill even though there’s people who are 17 years old and they’re all ready so kickin’. It makes one go, “Fock! What am I doing?!”

Writing for comic books is fun, or seemingly so. We started out with Watchmen. Phew… I had ordered books, but I didn’t know if they would make it in time after the 15th, but they did, so I have nothing to fear right now. I need to write thing down, a schedule…. It’s very hard, I’ve been distracted and busy at the same time with reformating, getting a new computer, so that is twice the installation for two computers. I’m not done yet either, need to install the adobe onto my desktop. I didn’t know that you can only install adobe software into only 2 computers. I think these people are a little stingy with their protective rights, but who am I to speak? I’m not the maker, I suppose they are scared, greedy, and unsure at the same time. I feel that Americans in general worry too much about money, but that’s why we’re in a capitalist economy. I really don’t see a depression. People may be spending less, but they’re still alive, they’ve still got food, they’re not starving. What they don’t want to happen to lessen leisure time, but now that they have they don’t know what to do with it. When people feel like they get blown off track, it must mean that they sky is falling? I could just name a bunch of crappy things that have happened to me and I’m still okay….

And some illustrations… I still need to install photoshop so, I haven’t got time right now… still need to read for class. I am still working on my 52 android girls for a personal project, for a card deck. Whee. These are just character designs to spruce up my portfolio for now… I guess 53 for the backside. Oh, 55 for additional joker cards… gah.. I can imagine working on this for 5 years… hahaha… or longer.

android-1-graphite android-1-color-by_tannie-duong

android4 The weird design thing near her head is actually a close up of a half goggle eyepiece, steampunk inspired. I made a mistake when I inked her face, so I didn’t draw it in. It’s a rough… will still need to work on features.


I am a little reluctant to use my mac laptop. I bought a 15″ screen instead of 17″ because it’s probably hella big and supremely heavy. Perhaps if I didn’t flimsy biceps and triceps it would be all right to carry, but 6.6 pounds is a lot, so 5.5 seems a little better. I’ve used macs at school, but the transition is difficult. Even for the intro to mac class, I did things on my PC. This is comparable to learning how to use your left hand for moving around. Well, my excitement seems to have weared down after the day was through. Hmm…


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