Wrong Thumbnails

Today was pretty sucky… Why? Well.. I didn’t do one of my assignments right. Blargh! And it is because I didn’t read the directions that carefully, and also, I wish there were some examples in the module. I will have to remember to input this later for feedback. So now I have a great set of thumbnails, I just won’t be able to touch them until later… and I’m usually lazy about that.

The theme I thought up for this was “distant worlds.” I thought it was quite witty of me for the last thumbnail: “Cyberpunk Alice in Wonderland.” It’s probably hard to see because they are thumbs. I feel like my art takes on a generic form because most digital art I see, its usually something very strange and faraway, but then the concept or idea is all the same. I kind of feel like I can’t bypass that because what they say is true, if you have thought of a new amazing idea, someone else faraway or in the past has too. Originality seems rare nowadays, until there is a new innovator coming along.

And here are the correct ones:

Ideas from Yasusushi Suzuki’s artwork.

You know, I had spent about half the day trying to find a new theme, because we’re suppose to do a collage and not an illustration. That’s why the first set didn’t work because I don’t have solid reference for them — they’re mostly modified versions of references. And since we are doing a poster collage, we needd high resolution sizes for the references. Sigh…

On other news, I stumbled across an article that stated there was a online dating website called richsoulmate.com. Excuse me while I go burst into a fit of giggle once more. You know what they advertise? Well, you can go check it out, but meet the rich mate of your life! I mean, like.. seriously? How sad. By that I mean like… it’s superficial. But there is a distinction that only rich people can mingle with rich people. I am a layman, and I think this is quite shallow of them. But you don’t see rich people out on the streets because… they do something with their money — and you just don’t see it. I don’t know, the website speaks for itself. On the one hand, I think the webmaster is a genius. What an amazing niche group he thought up. Reaping money from rich people – entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, etc etc. Okay, subscriptions are something like $177 a year or something like that, or you can pay monthly. And they’ve got money, so of course they can pay for it. This is how you web market, is all I can say. I was going to go on an on about morality and all that, but in reality, I just don’t give a piece of poo what people do with their lives unless it affects me as a whole. People can be stupid and ridiculous all they want, but its a benefit to someone else whether they know it or not. And then one day, maybe people will wake up.

Okay… I need to finish my writing hw. Eeek… It shoulda been easy, ne… but I’m just too distracted by my laptop. Yesterday, I had spent 4 hours reorganizing my itunes, and I’m still not done. It was such a pain because I had reformatted on my old Sony, I had everything organized, the Asian text wasn’t ugly, and when I didn’t want them, I changed them to english, so I could read it better. But its messy again. Fack… I think music organization is important! I hate trying to look for songs and its not in the order that I want. Technically, I should be really good with organization via shapes and colors because I pwn at Tetris. Sigh again.


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