Procrastinating on your writing? …

…no problem. Just go to Dr. Wicked’s writing website Write or Die. It’s really interesting. When you type in the text box, you need to keep typing, but when you stop there is a countdown until it starts to do something…. *cue the dramatic music* The first option is “gentle” which is nags from a pop up dialogue. Normal mode will start to put on some annoying music. And kamikaze will start to delete your words one by one until there is nothing left. I think for me… the last one is most effective. Because the other two you can bypass them easily. If I had to try nanowrimo again, I would totally use this website. Or like… for an essay due the next day. But … of course I don’t do that. *shifty eyes*

Writing for Comics has been kind of fun. But I get lazy. We’ve been writing warmups like fictionalizing a story out of a person we meet on the streets and also a character profile. Honestly, I am very self-conscious about my characters. I kind of realize its because I put so much of myself in my writing that I don’t really want other people to see… in case they decide to say it sucks. My fear is really trivial because I always realize its not a big deal after I do a presentation or post something up. Right now, nothing is stopping me from procrastinating on my classwork reading.


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