I’m back!

Yeah! And with a sunburn and other such unfortunate events like getting sick… I went to Anime Expo and I brought home an internal souvenir. Almost better now, I had to concede and drink medicine because my fever got out of control. Anyway, I had a blast at Anime Expo. I met Mana from Moi dix Mois, and was the main reason for my sunburn because frackin’ autograph session was canceled to the next day, the 5th on sunday. So I sat in the sun, with no sunblock, and totally exposed myself to ugly UV radiation… I will not jinx myself anymore and keep the bad away and hope my “new” mole isnt new, but an overlooked old mole. >_> Well, Mana seems like a sweetie, but I am smiteful and bitter, so I won’t be listening to any of his music. I’ll upload the autograph later… And my shoulder is so itchy now because the skin is beginning to dry up… t_t And not to mention I was so fatiqued from waiting outside that my sickness got worse, and I had this terrible fever by the end of the day. Gawd! Was the signature worth it!? I DON’T KNOW! Although the concert was pretty fun….

Well, other than that, I am so unstable in my digital illustration class. Sometimes I do really good, I get A- and then other days I get like a C or B- …. It’s so… like a roller coaster! This class is so hard…. 😐 My instructor sometimes seems friendly, and then other times, I don’t really know what he means. >< And like… I’m doing work later for my writing for comics class, which I feel bad about because I can’t seem to do everything at once. Oh… I dunno.

Slowly working on my android girls. This is Android #2, and I saved myself some time and did it for a class assignment.

Android #2


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