Spam and MacBook Pro

Hmm.. I’m glad I don’t have fish around or wait for the spam comments to just pop up since wordpress has the akismet spam filtering thing. But when I look at some of the spam comments, they seem real?!! I don’t know if I should believe them, but I have my WOT turned on too, so when I click on the link, it seems fakey. :\ Some of them are like, hey, just passing by, blah blah blah, I’ll pass it on. Or something like that. Is this you, reader?! Someone tell me!! Well, the links on the commentors, I don’t know what to believe so it is hard. I don’t like advertising unless I don’t feel like I am advertising. Just honest good opinion and word of mouth. I found out that I actually do bzz as as a bzzagent but way after the campaign and free promos end because once you become familiar with a new product, it’s like “oh! I’ve tried it, and I like it, so I will buy more.” When the 5 gum first came out, I didn’t bzz about it all that much. Like it tells you to give it to people when you wait in line and talk about gum, etc. But I never do it because I don’t talk to strangers…. So it’s kind of questionable when you suddenly strike up a conversation of, “oh, have you tried so and so product before?”

Okay, so I’ve owned my MBP for about a month or so. I really liked how fast it was, but now, it is really slow for some reason. I don’t know why, and I wish it was configurable, but I’m not mac savvy. 😐 This is the hard part, I am a native PC user, so I don’t know what makes a mac tick. With PC’s you can defrag or reformat, or reboot, but with a mac, what do you do to make it fast again? It’s starting to get on my nerves. …! I bought a 2.8 ghz, 15″, 4 gb, 320 hd 7200 rpm (btw, it looks like it’s a little under 320 but they had to round down, I guess. :\) So I shall have to call customer support before it expires for me. I will do it soon….

What I like about this mbp: It was fast, it took seconds to boot up, nothing seemed wrong. Easy wifi search, not much effort with installations. Cool default apps that come with. Web cam and built- in speaker that I can’t see. Dock. Like the tapping trackpad. Expose. No problems with driver with my old wacom. Easy to see folders directory. Has an SD card slot for digicam memory card. Glowing keyboard. Has built-in translator/dictionary and weather forecast. Seems to work with adobe programs quite well. Customer service is really nice.

What I don’t like about my mbp: Bookmarks didn’t work because of different file type than my pc. Thank god I have del.ic.ious. Aluminum case hurts the under area of my forearm because it’s designed crapily even though I raise up my chair so that my arms are aligned with keyboard. No numbers on the side, but it’s a laptop… Don’t really know the ins-and-outs of macs. Some file managaing is difficult with folders. Itunes transfer and organization is more complicated. Seagate, FreeAgent external hard drive is locked; read and share only; no modifications. Can’t add files, really hate that. Bittorent clients are so-so. Apple demands that you not open it up and replace parts by self; can only replace hard drive and ram. So if it is buggy you must pay apple to fix it when the warranty runs out. Questionable parts. Mobileme is $99/year for only 20gb of space. Been laggy for a few days.

Things I need to do sometime within the next few days:

1. Ask teacher/employer to write a recommendation letter for a scholarship. It’s been awhile, so I can’t remember off the top of my head what it’s called.

2. Mail direct loans promissory note. Using parent + so I don’t have to borrow from a private lender.

3. Take all my quizzes.

4. Read Marvels by Kurt Burkiek

5. Write script outline…. (it’s soooo late. :|)

6. Digital painting.

7. Figure out why laptop lags like a bitch.



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3 responses to “Spam and MacBook Pro

  1. Susie

    For a mac Tannie, you go into Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility, select your hard drive on the left and then click “repair permissions”.

    That might speed it up a bit.

    The mac OS doesn’t come with any defragmenting utility because Apple says that you don’t “need to”. But I don’t see why you’d need to defragment if your mac is new.

    I hope you bought apple care. Haha 😀

  2. Susie

    Also for the number pad on the side just press numlock, which is on F6 and the keys 789uiojkl are marked with numbers.

  3. ryuutsuchi

    >_> …. no, I didn’t buy apple care… Don’t have much money left since I bought the laptop. And $3000 seemed like a lot all ready because I bought the adobe programs.

    But thanks! I thought Alan would be a little more knowledgeable, but he didn’t tell me about the utilities. I tried to reboot too — since I had it on sleep mode for a long time. I had also recently subscribed to macworld magazine because I got a free one year subscription that should arrive in about a month or so.

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