Tale of Genji

My final for Digital Illustration. Although I had serious gripes about that class, things started to pick up in a positive way near the end. The project final was a book cover illustration and I chose to do Tale of Genji. The hand was the worst part even though I had taken a reference photo. But maybe it’s because my left thumb is stubbier than my right? I don’t know… but it was just hard to fix… D:

14_1_tduong_redo copy

The reason for the bigass signatures is because I keep hearing these terrible, terrible stories about art theft. So I’m not going to be sorry about that anymore. And if people can go over to conceptart.org and steal images from Jason Chan and modify it, that’s pretty sucky. But with Massive Black, they have Jason Manley, so he seems to be pretty adamant about telling Castle Age (a facebook game app) to take down the art or else… But I’m sort of outside of the community since I never post anything… :\

I have sewing projects to now! Like… my sister’s ring pillow for the ring bearer… and getting my dress fitted, and booster shot for Nico. Things just never cease. I just want to relax!!

  1. Nico’s booster shots
  2. Get bride’s maid dress tailored
  3. Make ring bearer pillow
  4. New sock puppet!
  5. set up etsy store
  6. Chillax/ find a part-time job…


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2 responses to “Tale of Genji

  1. severnyproductions

    looks good to me

  2. ryuutsuchi

    Thank you!

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