Sailormoon colorized


I really like these “Wow! brushes” I got from the text book, but I barely read the book… well, it’s useful, and simulates real brushes.

This reminds me, it takes about half of your hair to tie it up into a bun. Sailormoon has tons of hair. I would also like to comment that Sailor Chibi should also be even longer because her hair is a cone thing… but one never discusses this aspect in anime. It doesn’t matter… haha…

It seems that the people whom I comment on livejournal always ends up removing the OpenID and thus, people who don’t have livejournal can’t comment. What is up with that? Do I bite? Do they think I spam? WTF, that makes me question if I should care about people who don’t really care about others. When you go over to someone else’s blog, unless it is a flame comment, then the commenter is trying to be friendly. So by doing that, that person from another blog, like wordpress, or even blogger will feel excluded. And thus, making them angry. I wouldn’t bother returning at all.


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