Watercolour properties chart and a comic


Watercolour properties chart. What is this for? It is to figure out how your watercolour paints (in the tube, not the palette) well react. How lightfast it is, transparent, or how it stains. I learned a lot doing this, it was tiring though. This was also my first time knowing that you had to stretch watercolour paper. I never knew! I always bought the packs, but it the paper buckles when wet.

For those of us not in the know, to stretch watercolour paper, you need an art board made for stretching watercolour paper, special craft tape (gummed brown tape) or staples (they are less pretty), and watercolour paper that is under 260 lbs. You wet the paper in cold water, never warm, front and back, place it onto the art board and tape or staple all the sides down. Any other tape other than the above won’t work because it the adhesive can’t stick, I know because I did it with my drafting tape… -_- When I stapled, it created indents, so if you can’t get tape, I suggest cutting a large piece and then either cut off all sides or hide the ugliness under a mat, if you plan to do that.



The above comics were for my comics class. It’s anecdote from when I was 6 years old. I had met a cat that hung around my grandma’s place and I was always curious about it. One day, I came upon it and then sat next to it. I noticed it had a scar, and I wondered if it hurt, so I tried to touch it. It didn’t hurt, but I imagined that it was painful, and I felt very bad. He was a very good kitty though… very nice. I remember it to this day.

Well, I’m getting an itch to really do a playing card deck, but I have no other artist friends to collaborate with. It’s just a project that keeps coming into my mind. I know I’m doing an android girl series, but I’m also thinking about doing a fairy-tale kind of deck from all the folklores in the world. So it’d be nice to know people are interested in it. I just want to see it come to fruition within a year instead of yearsss.


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