My take on Surreal Art

My attempt at surreal art. Surprisingly, I am into spiritual and metaphysical stuff, but I don’t really show that in my art. Maybe because all I do is fantasy type stuff. Well, I think some of the surreal art is pretty cool. I had found an interesting european dude, but damn, I forgot his name, and I didn’t bookmark the page. Oh well.

Music poster preliminary for “Visual Kei” genre. I will need to make it more grungey looking in the final art poster. I used to be very captivated by this genre, listening to Dir en Grey, and some others. I got tired of the screaming, so I deleted them and moved on. The only band I keep listening to is Nightmare, who sang “Alumina” and “the World” for Deathnote. I still haven’t seen that movie, but I was a fan from before that. Because the lead singer has an awesome voice even though he is so short.. hahaha. BTW, I got most of my ideas from their cover art band score, but I changed some elements. I think I will change it some more later….

Nowadays, I listen to mellow music. It goes well with studying and drawing.


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One response to “My take on Surreal Art

  1. sanderbos

    ey I like the artworks, realy interesting.

    Check out my art blog if you can spare some time

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