Hey, I’m 21!

Whoa. Yeah. So I’m 21 now. Won’t be long now, I’ll be complaining like the old people saying things like, “…Seems like only yesterday, I….” My next landmark is 25, where you get to rent a car… But that doesn’t sound exciting. And the very next is elgibility to run for president at 35, but that is highly unlikely for many reasons.

Just wanted to post some sketches I did after playing FFXII. See, it wasn’t all just for gaming… it was for art too. I really like the concept artist who did the FF Tactics/Ivalice series. I’m sort of tired of Nomura, but he is a good artist/character designer. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many Cloud cosplayers at AX. Or Sephiroth.

My sketchbook was not 9×12, so the viera’s legs became shortened! They’re so tall… taller than models. I dislike drawing extra long limbs sometimes. I remember not liking drawing 8 heads but it looks weird stretched. Ah well. 8 heads is not real. I’m just practicing assimilating styles right now, since I want to be a concept artist for video games! But I’m always thinking, who will hire me? Maybe because my knowledge is limited. I looked at the class courses for illustration. I have 2 years left of school. I was like, “WHOA! Really?!” I’m very bad at keeping track of things. I went to school 2007, and its now 2010… (and this is me counting my fingers, 2007-2008, that’s one, 2008-2009, that’s two and sophomore, 2009-2010 =junior, 2010-2011 = senior. This is how I keep track btw. I also have to use my finger to form a circle in the air for counting the months. Spatial perception is out of whack vs. the rest of the left-brained population). I can’t tell if I’ll be graduating in summer like everyone else or in the winter time. 😐 I’ll have to talk to my advisor personally later about that.

I have a free Cafepress premium account, so be sure on the lookout for links~ Haha… I really need money…!! But I’m not going to ask for it, it’s better to work for that so you don’t owe anybody. I really do hate owing people, it keeps you stuck. First time I bought health insurance, and I don’t want to depend on my student loans so much. One of my new years resolution is to get more active so I can go snowboarding. All my siblings are doing it. Gawd, it was awful. Embarassing…. -___- But being completely sporty is not my life style. :\ As a majority of the time, I will be stuck behind a drafting table.

There was one more thing I was going to say, but I forgot. Until next time~



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2 responses to “Hey, I’m 21!

  1. Anatol

    Hey, you are going back to the Bay Area for school again, right? Where are you going to live?


  2. ryuutsuchi

    I’ll be dorming in SF. It’s so much more expensive, but I currently can’t go about there and look for a place that’s cheaper… It’ll be near SOMA if you know where that is?

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