Contest entries

I feel kinda bad for not updating these past few days but my attention has been split between submitting between deviantart and facebook. Well, I participated in two of dA’s contests in June. One was for the Splice movie, design a creature — human and animal thinger, apparently it didn’t have to have human genes… The winner was a fetus jellyfish, it was really good. I think I learned a lot about where my skill level is at the moment so, gonna try harder! The other was Alice in Wonderland, which seemed to get me a lot of views, but didn’t win, which is okay. Unfortunately, I was looking forward to the Fantasy Earth Zero contest, but didn’t finish my character quite in time… I seemed to have burned myself out by mid June…


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  1. Nate

    I’m always happy to see what you’re up to on the page. Sometime I’ll show you my efforts in return perhaps.

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