I’m not quite dead…

…and yet, I am quite prone to accidents. Recently, I went up to San Francisco to look for an apartment or a room to live in for the next 1 and a half years of art school I have left. Well, on the third night, I almost caught a cold, I managed to wake up on Sunday night at midnight. Terrible headache, aching muscles, wishing I was shot all ready, and finally fell a sleep 3 hours later. Woke up feeling fine because my body had sweated. Anyone ever notice that? That after sweating in the night, your body feels so much better when you’re coming down with a sickness. My subletter should probably wash her bedsheets. And I realized that, no, I did not pay $20/night, for some reason I imagined that… I think from all the ads on craigslist ore meshing together in my mind. Been walking everywhere since the 13th, looked at a bunch of open houses and 1 bedroom studios. They are so tiny and it was miserable because the prices all ranged from $1100-1500… And the most expensive ones, and fancy apartment complexes in SOMA were like $1600-1800. :\

Monday, I went to Treasure Island and I decided this would be a good place to live, if only they were still leasing the townhomes, but there is a new plan for demolishing and rebuilding it with newer attractions for the island.  It’ll be a long while though… Unless they evicted everyone. Went around and saw rooms, mostly weird and creepy people. But there was a fairly okay place there I looked at on Sunday, with all girls, but they were messy, but that probably means they’re busy people, right? Originally was going to room with my other roommate from last semester, but she can’t anymore because our school has a ghetto system. I went home to the apartment to throw out the trash and call my parents, went into the lobby and I skipped a step on one of the stairs. I lost footing and landed on my right ankle. I am actually really grateful there were people in the lobby. One guy took my trash for me, and another helped me to the elevator. And the rest of them seemed unsure of what to do with an unjured person, but hey, I’ve seen worse reactions where I was ignored when I fell down. I’m glad I got help. It was really painful to get ready and clean up and all that, but I woke up the following day on Tuesday morning, and dragged my luggage, very slowly (actually as quickly as I could manage, my ankle was probably bleeding a lot from the inside…) went to the charter bus location only to find that you must make an appointment for it. I was on the verge of tears, and called my brother to come get me. And I’m ashamed to admit I started to question God, but things worked out, and I’m back in SoCal. I got a lot of help along the way, so I gotta admit that I wasn’t really alone.

Well, I’d like to post a couple of my swfs from this summer’s summer school class, but currently, I’d like to know what’s wrong with the html, it just doesn’t show up when I put them into the cheaper webhosts… boo.. And I do get lazy about posting things nowadays, since I have 3 places I post up to, and would need additional exposure.. Eventually, I’m going to buy a domain name and hosting package so I can link a professional portfolio instead of using deviantart and finally buy my own set of business cards. Yay.

I’m going to try and post things up here. It’s probably a good idea to not post so much in so many places… Well, probably going to have to opt out of some… Although, I’ve got a new profile on behance, and it’s probably more beneficial to join art groups.


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