Being productive is good.

Surprised to see me again? Me too. Well, since my ankle is recuperating, I was trying to finish things up and be productive. You get bored of… not being able to do much.

Well, the first couple of days were good. But we have an ant infestation, I had been sitting on the floor of my room upstairs, but currently, the entire house is invaded by ants. Every prickle of my body makes me want to check for ants. And last night, one of them actually bit me. It was first time being bit by a black ant. It was pesky…. And I also saw a spider crawl from under my sketchbook, that had my laptop on top. Scared the crap out of me, and its under my bed now. I have a tendency to not kill spiders because of household pesks, so I’m just gonna let them do their thing and hopefully, they won’t get out of hand.  So now, I am downstairs more often replaying Okami on hard mode. Because sitting on the floor is bothersome. I am confident now to give people advice on how to treat rolled ankles too. You’d think I’d know more about treating these kinds of injuries now that this is my 4th time? No… well, parents are asian, so they use their ointments for everything, but it doesn’t work on everything. I noticed this when on the 3rd day, my foot seemed to be swelling up more than it should when my dad said it’s “okay.” Ah, bullocks. I’m sure if I had a fever or a cold it’d help me, but apparently, there should be no heat applied to it. So I’ve iced my foot mostly and propped it up horizontally. I did take a picture from a day ago, but maybe not, cuz it’s not on my memory card…

But now, I can at least help people who have rolled ankles and nosebleeds. heh… It’s been dry using my AC unit in my room, but this has also been the first time I’ve bled for this summer, and hopefully the last. At the moment, I can only say, you shouldn’t tilt your head back, it’s much better to lean forward and to pinch your nose bridge. Ice it when you can. And use clean cotton or napkin to keep it plugged in. The blood clot that comes out is normal, and should happen. It usually is a good sign….I think the cold does help with sicknesses and health in some ways. It’s kinda retarded how watching the asian dramas, there is always gonna be someone sick because they were in the rain for a minute…. -__- *sigh*

Okay, and I shall be uploading my stuff now. Sorry, haven’t had much access to the scanner since I couldn’t very well walk down the stairs at the time. I can now, though, but I’ve all ready taken photos.

Currently WIP scratchboard.

Here’s another android, I think she might be 11… I’m starting to forget who is who. I confused no. 2 with no. 5… or vice versa

Testing out the action method notebook to see if it helps. I guess it does, the grids are super helpful with these tiny thumbnails. I drew these with Hi-tec C black gel ink pens. Very cool since they are .03mm. M-hmm~


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