Finished another scratchboard art

Well, you can see my ankle is getting is getting less swollen, but what the heck is that bruise near my toes?! The original shot I took made my feet look really dead and lifeless, I think from the ice, I’ve been putting on… o_o And it’s a little on the chilly side. Perhaps the blood didn’t know where else to flow and coagulated there…. But the move on thursday and friday was a step backward for me, it was swollen for a bit.. :\ Now, I’m just going to do absolutely nothing until school starts. Although I need to make a list of things I need around here. Settling into my room here on Treasure Island quite nicely. It’s only been 2 nights and 3 days. My roommate is a very nice lady, but maybe its because of my ankle or my dad being the salesman that he is helped me a little. Anyway, I’m really wishing for just about any kind of job right now…. Eh, it’s best not to think whether or not I have the time while I’m attending class, but for survival’s sake. That’s probably a problem of mine that I need to get over.

But I did finish my scratchboard art on Wednesday, so… yay, new art!


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