More Injuries & More Artses

I REALLY want an 8-bit tye, but I just don’t think it is in my budget at the moment… That is totally random, but I feel I deserve new things at this moment, since it’s been a really long time since I got anything new. And now that you’re on your own and stuff, unfortunately, your rents are not going to be buying you back-to-school clothes anymore. At least mine aren’t. But I’m used to being spoiled… says the 21 year old who still has a collection of stuffed animals. I suppose the Peter Pan Syndrome hasn’t completely gone away. Anyways, I’m really liking my stay here on TI, my new Korean roommates is so great. She’s a wonderful person… TI is also a beautiful island, the best view in SF. Although, it is a bit poor and not upscale, which is fine by me. The big apartment companies like Archstone and Avalon are nice, but it’s… got a different vibe. Snooty, perhaps?

I’ve only had one class, thanks to labor day. I’m actually sad I did, but using the time to get ahead, sort of, but also to cozy up my room. I forgot my X-acto knife, but when it comes… I’ll be making my own magazine box things and a trash can and some other handy-dandy projects now that I have excess amounts of cardboard boxes lying around…. I also managed to injure myself again last week, by cutting off a bit of my left middle finger. BUT! I learned I have a pretty sharp kitchen knife and it’s not even a santoku. I was seriously amazed that I didn’t even feel anything when the tip of my finger came off, it was just, WHOOSH. But still, my nail….

It seriously hurt though and bled a lot, possibly not as much as my period though, no worries! But so much for perfect nails…. hahhh…

Last weeks’s hw for figure drawing the fantastic figure. This class is pretty fun since we get to use the Cintiq, although it was $400 for the lab fee… 😐 I suppose compared to buying it yourself, that’s a quarter of the price.

And this is for a laptop skin contest on Deviantart… Work in Progress. Need to finish it soon. D:


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