Thrall turn-around concept

For the Horde.

This is one of my midterms and something that I did over the course of 3 weeks. And one of the reasons why I don’t get decent sleep, but aside from that, I was not originally going to do an Orc, but I think Nightelves are over done. I get that they are hot and slender and beautiful though, so everyone wants to do them. I started to like Orcs more after doing this though, I love his hair/braids.

I wish I could do On-Model, but I could not find good references of Thrall’s back. The game itself does not include much detail. I tried to watch some of the movies on youtube, or in-game clips and it was so hard to see. I guess, I should actually go out and buy a goddamn official action figure, but I don’t know a Wizards of the Coast around here… Or do they sell it there? I imagine that is where it might be, but someone tell me this. Anyway, I found a guy who is a professional sculpture, so I took stock of his design, and sort of tried to update it, I guess. Well, my instructor for Digital Drawing the Fantastic Figure said he doesn’t really mind that it does not look exact, but if it were a portfolio piece, then it’d be iffy. Well, I honestly tried to look for good references, but it failed, so what can I do? I’m still interested in Blizzard’s summer internship….


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