Fall 2010 Week 8 & Epson Sucks.

I suppose it does not help to constantly check Blizzard’s internship page every day. Maybe they will post it on Halloween? I keep getting rejected from jobs, but a part of me is relieved. Another part of me says I give up too easily. It’s kinda true, I have a lot of stuff from the past week that needs to be redone, but I don’t want to do them. It’s only Thursday night, I need to perk up more. In any case, I really, truly, hate mosquitoes now. Why is it not attracted to the light??? It’s bad enough I don’t get enough sleep, but now there is a buzzing in my ear at 5 am in the morning and my chin and my forearm itch like a mu-trucker.

Thumbnails for Digital Drawing Figure, we are doing a Medusa theme for our final, and some of my advance perspective stuff — mostly, all of my stuff needs to be redone…. sigh… I can’t stand having bad grades in this class because I feel that if you don’t get the class right, I’ll be a failure as an illustrator…. but I finally got my teacher to help me… which was not so bad.


I also hate my epson printer. Never buy a printer for printing photos under $100, even if they include sweet words such as ultra-brite ink, fade resitstant, lasts forever. Piece of shit. Actually, it eats so much ink, it might as well crap. I don’t know where all the ink I did to “clean” the effing nozzles go, but it’s got to be somewhere. Also, I bought 4 star paper, and when it prints right, it’s actually really nice, but it’s such a piece of shit, I wasted 5 pieces of paper and it gives me lines. Epson, you suck. I buy and support your products and this is how you treat me. The scanner is the only thing that is worthwhile.

Well, good day and night.


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