Content even in this season?! Why that’s unheard of!

What a hectic week, but not without results! Today, everything I looked at was so beautiful, and felt beautiful. The sky seemed brighter and the clouds were like cotton, and the wind was refreshing. Perhaps this is a change of the tides again, and I hope it stays for a long time. In any case, I’ve been prepping for the real world. College is like a snuggie, you’re wrapped in it’s coccoon, unawares of the challenges ahead, but you’ve got to pee — of course, you need to take it off right?! I’m just kidding, I don’t have a snuggie, but I imagine it’s the same as a blanket.

These are of my room on November 12th. It’s a lot less cluttered today, but I can’t keep the storm from leaving, at least not until finals are over. Oh, boy. I keep the kitchen area much more cleaner for the most part. I’m seriously annoyed with all this mess, but there is simply no time anymore. Boo…

And here are some Perspective hw. My finals that I will be working on for the duration of the semester, mostly anyway. Now I have to do even more… SIGH. But I’m getting better at painting with photoshop. Yay! The story is basically about a boy and his P.E.T., which is like a stuffed toy that plays and takes care of you. It is something that I would like to write, but it was a part of a graveyard pile of incomplete stories and ideas. I really hope to get a start. But I need to finish that Little Mermaid script first!! Come winter break, I’m going to be so productive.



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2 responses to “Content even in this season?! Why that’s unheard of!

  1. Awesome perspective; I like the top picture a lot!

  2. Chiryuu

    Aw, yay, thanks. I was just going to post up an update of the finals too.

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