Finals are over. Break is here~

So it is the end of finals week. But this isn’t really my excuse for not posting a lot as I should be. Sorry, about that, but it’s been a busy semester none the less.

3 finals done in just a day, that was Monday. I was scrambling over the weekend, highly stressed. But I’ve been kicked too many times in the butt in the semester to procrastinate, so I made it! Sort of…… I haven’t had such little sleep since I was a freshman. I really must have been taking it real easy back when everything was online and I was doin’ stuff at home. It’s really different, but I think both of these experiences have made me stronger. Like taking a step back to take 2 steps forward. I also realized that I’m turning into an adult now. My thinking process has suddenly shifted. It’s interesting when that realization comes.

Actually, this was kinda lame because it was done very fast for my astronomy class. I was trying to take on too many things at once…



This project represented a liberation from my insecurity, I think. At first I didn’t know what I was going to do for my final. Because I have a lot of stories I write down but never finish, and this is one of them. So, I did what my Dad used to do with lottery numbers. He’d get a plastic bag, write numbers on tiny pieces of paper, shake it up and offer it to me to pick out. Sometimes, it would be my brother. Well, I was clearly dissatisfied, I tried like 5 times, and this story came up 3. So, it’s fate. The world wants to know about Boo Boo and the Pets. My childhood, like many others in the world, had a significant impact on my life.

The story, however, goes like this: Lynx is a boy who is very well-rounded in personality. Outwardly, there isn’t a thing wrong with him. He’s that perfect straight-A student, does sports, has plenty enough friends, and working middle class parents. He’s going to be some sort of science or engineer person when he grows up because that’s what the grown ups say are the best suited jobs for him. And his teachers tell him, he is excellent with math and english. Most of the other boys are going to be one of those things too. Even some girls tell him they do too.

There is a new company called, P.E.T, Personal Entertainment Toy, that has come out with a very new product. While they are running a promotion at the mall, Lynx and his friends decides to participate in their treasure.

If anyone remembers this from way back in my comics pencils and inks...

(This is old, and it was a year ago?! Wow, I improved a lot in that time. I know exactly what’s wrong with it, or mostly..)

But he loses out in the game and his rival takes home the prize. Boo… sad. Yeah. I did not draw these extra characters because I didn’t want to do more work!

However, Lynx lucks out when he finds a mysterious box. I haven’t decided if he found it at his house or in the alley. It’s unfortunate, it’s what I put on my board that he found it at his house. But yes, a snow leopard pops out. I also told somebody that these animals were robotic toys. But I think I might change that too. And who is the girl Namine? I have yet to figure out. A childhood friend, I guess, who also gets a mysterious box too. And what are they doing? Well, I imagine there is going to be some kind of journey and liberation going on. I haven’t decided, but I plan to make the company itself fall and topple to signify the fall of consumerism in this reality world. Bringing truth and light.

Will be posting more stuff later. With less words. Yup.



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