Going back and forth

That’s what I’ve been doing a lot over the years. Going back and forth between new and old project. This is the reason why I have not really “finished” any of my personal projects because I try to move on, but I don’t want to leave behind some of the old ideas. I mean, they weren’t heinous or ugly in prospect, I just forgot them because I take extended long breaks. I try not to do that, but I have a low attention span. It’s because of television. Nobody will believe me though when I tell them this. Where’s the proof, they’ll ask. Well, I dunno, it’s just a gut feeling. Gut feeling?! Pshaw… Just say your lazy.

All right, I’m lazy! But laziness is completely psychological. I don’t have the willpower to stop myself from it, but it’s just nice to do absolutely nothing for a long time and then getting back to work.

WIP #2 I hope to finish this soooooon….. :\

But I’m so caught up in going back to old projectsssss…..

I’ve recently dug out some of the stuff I’ve yet to finish for Advanced Perspective. Ah, this class has been detrimental to my psyche in many ways… In any case, I’ve finally convinced myself to rework the things that need reworking, so I can be the perfectionist that my ego tells me to be.

Like this 4 paneled story of Echo and Narcissus.


I plan to recolor, one in black and white, and in a “watercolor” -like wash. And see what I learn works with me best.

I like what I did to the crow, but I might try to do something more with its feathers or leave it all black.

I also need to redo the second image… :<

I think taking that comic book class turned me into a line person. I dunno if I paint with oils again that I’ll be any good with it….

Old, unfinished pieces. I’m questioning if I should continue with these…? We’ll see… I’m scared to touch things that are a year old now.




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5 responses to “Going back and forth

  1. http://bit.ly/hpBKJ0 …you should definitely finish that one!

  2. Chiryuu

    Hahah… I really want to… actually I need to. I have an artist alley table at AM2 Con in Anaheim, CA during July… O_O haha…. so I really need to put together some stuff and get them printed!

  3. Oh that’s lucky! I’ve been out of state for a few weeks now training; on my way back to LA tomorrow just in time for my Spring semester. July eh? Maybe if my unit doesn’t come up with anything crazy to do around that month then I’m definitely dropping by AX! Gotta get more bookmarks since I kept giving them away -_-

    Also, I lost a bet on a UFC fight at work awhile back and had my facebook wipe (not betting anymore with facebook account hahaha); anyways I realize just now since I’m checking it from the airport that I haven’t added you back yet on there…and your page doesn’t have a add friend button. Well maybe is just my laptop, so I’ll try again later tomorrow when I get home. Keep up the great work and keep blogging yo! Gotta fire up my blog again because I’m dying to draw anything! Goodnight!

  4. Chiryuu

    You’re going to AX? It’s really a shame it’s happening at the same time as my con…. See, AM2 happens around pretty much the same time as AX, due to some bad timing/planning. I’d go to AX, but tables are way more expensive. There’s some bad shit going down there too… but I won’t go into details.

    You start school late, huh? It’s all ready february. You know, you’re always pulling a disappearing act, I’m not really surprised that you went away for a bit. But I am surprised that you lost! That’s weird because I keep getting friend requests from people I never intended to contact ever again (old classmates). I’d find you though, but I can’t remember you last name… It’s very long… hahaha

    I’m not exactly dying to draw anything, it makes me feel like a shameful artist. haha… but it’s been good so far. Speaking of blog updating, yours rarely gets updated…

  5. Ah, glad to be back home! I’ve never been to AX or AM2 before, so this will be my first time visiting a more “anime” convention. With AX…well I’ve heard some bad experiences from my friends who took their time to fly oversea and got a table there to promote their artwork, but in the end it didn’t turn out so well because their art didn’t fit into the sharp chin face and big eyes category of the artwork; it wasn’t anime enough you can say.

    AM2 site looks very new since there aren’t a whole lot of information on there just yet about the con. Maybe I will stop by there this year and skip AX all together because of what I’ve heard from my friends in the past years. Also, here’s the link to my facebook! http://bit.ly/gB4fzv

    My schedule has been crazy that I had to step out of the internet world for a bit and handle some of my unfinished projects, school work preparation studies, plus the randomness of my unit’s military training. Besides that I am glad to say that this year I want to change myself for not the better, but for the much better. So I am very happy to be back to the civilization now (loving my classes!) and I will be dusting off my blog within these next few days; gonna update it more frequently now…promise!

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