Watercolor practice

Okay, so I’ve been dabbling with watercolor for my assignments. And I have a tendency to over render. I’m trying to get used to shape painting, think I forget that sometimes when I used it. I don’t really let things be… It might be good practice for me, but it’s something that conflicts with using mediums like digital, because I’m just not used to letting things go… Well, I over-worry about things too… like if it’s looking okay or not. But last night, I was just like, “I’m going to practice. And get better!”

I really like certain artists for being able to pull off wispy and loose, but can do shapes very well. Like even from a distance, you can see and make out what they want the viewer to look at. I was told to look into John Singer Sargent. I will have to check one of his books at the school library later…

Then there is Yoshitaka Amano, I think he’s serendipitously become my inspiration. I didn’t plan on liking him all that much, but he slowly crept on me. A little bit of final fantasy art here and there, I get a tiny bookmark with Vampire Hunter D, and then he’s done Sandman: The Dream Hunters, which I own now. It wasn’t until I reread the comic again that I realized, “Holy shit, this guy has really good compositions.” I mean sometimes it just like a blob of color or bunch scriggly lines (that was my thinking in high school) and then I see that he takes me on a trip around his paintings. Especially, in the Sandman, he can lead you around an image. I’m not sure about his other works I have seen online, they didn’t have this sometimes. I used to think he was over-the-top at breaking rules that I learn in art school, but my opinions have since changed.

(I hate to bend my books, but this was for the greater good.)

In this image, it’s like, you see two heads, they seem sort of symmetrical. It doesn’t matter that one is sort of cropped, if you cut this in half, it’d be the same, mostly anyway. It’s good that the old man was cropped, otherwise there would be competition. But then there’s a box! A black box. That’s your focal point. And I didn’t realize that. And it was like, epiphany. A simple picture and simple storytelling. Your eyes circulate between the old man, the monk, and the box. and around… The old man is giving the box to the monk while he is dreaming. I don’t think this picture would standalone by itself without the text though.

Epic picture of sandman, it spans for pull out pages in the book.

I should get more warm colors in my stuff… I think my paint sucks, it’s student grade and not professional, so I think it affects my color sometimes…. Anway, I leave with this.



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2 responses to “Watercolor practice

  1. Nate

    No but seriously… amazing. Dunno why but the top watercolor portrait reminds me of Baasch from FFXII

  2. Chiryuu

    Basch? Is that a good thing? Hahaha…. It’s probably because his features are similar.

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