My final drawing for Drawing for Film. The VOLCANO ENTRANCE. The gateway I designed looks really cool, but here you only see a 1/3 of it. Oh well. I wanted a dynamic angle. I had to use google sketchup to figure out the perspective. I guess I can finally appreciate sketchup now. It was actually pretty fun to do since I’m getting better with painting in photoshop. 😀 But I had to figure my entire comp out in pencil before I scanned it.

Incomplete model packet of one of the statues….

I think I had more fun designing the body than I did in the actual illustration. I was worried that it the illustration came out pretty muddy because of my stupid handling of watercolor. I worked from the background to foreground first, but that was a bad idea, but in actuality, I didn’t realize this is just better off to color in a medium I could control thanks to the gosh darn scales on this beast…. Anyway, it’s not bad, but probably not my best. But I need to stop fiddling so much with shadows especially since shadowed areas are better off vague. And yes, it’s latin name really is Janitor Lethaeus. I’m guessing janitor means “keeper” and lethaeus means “hell.” I couldn’t find these terms, in my latin dictionary… shhh… In any case, it’s what wiki said. .__.


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