Uses for Cardboard and Tin Cans & Orthos of Felines and Equines

Long title!

So this is the second day of spring break, and I have been gathering supplies for emergency disasters. I have Japan to thank for that. It really never occurred to me before to start thinking about possibilities, but people in general just don’t seem prepared for when things like this strike. We’re so busy getting on with our lives that we don’t want to think about it perhaps? So when an earthquake shakes the San Andreas fault and reaches to SF, I won’t die of being stranded or hunger or something, perhaps if not from being crushed by skyscrapers. I lugged a bunch of cans from Safeway yesterday, and for the first time, bought aspirin and pain relievers. I needed to prep for a first aid kit, which I don’t currently have. I’m pretty much completed in my kit today after I carried a 24 count of Arrowhead water bottles, back-breaking though it was, a little walked past and said, “That’s heavy!” Yes, it was. You need at least 3 days of water for each person, 24 bottles should be enough. I’ll post what I have after I get some plastic bins for them because cardboard is weak. Cardboard is still useful though. I put some uses to them, and I did make a nightstand out of it, which by the way, can support a lot of my books. Whoot!

I added a shelf beneath my desk and is supported by 4 layers of cardboard. I don’t put heavy things on there, but it can still hold some lightweight, small objects.

I recycled some tin cans and turned them into supply holders and just taped them to the legs of my desk.

Well, all my stuff have been getting in the way. I had to organize it in some way, so I didn’t want to spend $100 or so just to do that at the Container Store or something overpriced at Utrecht. There is no Target or Walmart nearby. I’d have to own a car. But our house was in bad need of spring cleaning… I might as well start in my room. Albiet, I sacrificed some schoolwork time to do that… That week wasn’t particularly good for me, but no way around it if the mess was getting in the way of work.

And because the table is slanted, it’s really hard to keep things from not slipping. But it’s hard to not have supplies on hand. Luckily, I just thought of taping the thing to my desk, and it works. The tape on the ink bottle not only helps from not slipping but in the case that my arm toches the bottle, it won’t knock over. Because that would suck.

I got the idea of prettying up a plain clipboard from some spring cleaning and organization blogs. The paper is actually wrapping paper I bought at Papyrus. If Samantha happens to see this, yes, it’s the same as the gift-wrapping paper I used for your xmas gift.

My friend, Nguyen’s bday was on the 17th last, and I didn’t really have time to mail this gift box until yesterday… Oops… well, it was hella busy because of all my classes… :\  But I LOVE Japanese papers…. They’re pretty pricey though. I got this tiny roll for $3. 😐 Oh well, it’s pretty. I took an old ring box and taped the paper around. See what you can do to reuse??? Well, least to say, Donald’s white elephant has proved itself useful in some ways… hahaha… I still dunno what I can buy at gamestop for $5. Well, maybe one of the used games that sell for $10.

Shhhh… Well, I wonder if the gift got to her? In any case, I don’t think my actual friends from OC read this (it does make me feel kinda sad… t_t)

And my creature design stuffs… Week 8 is gonna be unicorn, so stayed tuned?! Who knows if I’ll get around to posting by then though.


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