Temporarily quit FB.

Yah. Been a week almost. I think posting this on my blog is enough. It doesn’t matter because people don’t realize your missing until, like maybe a month later or even longer. I figure this because I don’t notice this myself. Your newsfeed is spammed all the time anyway. There is people who post more than once a day or those who post a few times a week or month, which was me. But I comment on other’s profiles every now and then. There is a fine line though, of using it too much and not using it at all. I think Facebook is pretty useful. Keeps me up to date, so I want to be a part of the network. At the same time, I don’t want to be addicted to it or attached. This is one of the reasons why I disconnect every now and then.

Well, it was a distraction that needed to be cut from my life momentarily. I almost feel very empty inside… The internet is so much more than it seems when there is Facebook. I think it’s because you post links and share with others that it seems more than it is. Needless to say, I have managed to cut down much of my time. I realize that if I am procrastinating or checking email, the #1 thing I do is go to facebook. I’d type it into the url even if it’s not bookmarked.

If it wasn’t for my getting sick or Wonder Con, I think I would have been much more productive (OR looking for a roommate — which has been a success…! Yatta!). If I don’t think about the fact that working 24/7 kills me a little bit more on the inside…. >____<;

No, but seriously, it does. You go insane. And it’s proven that illustrators who freelance and work in their own studio without seeing other people become lonely and crazy (well, they become somewhat bipolar). I all ready feel it and I haven’t even been in the real world yet. But then again, that’s why I’m in SF right now. Can’t really undo being crazy either, you just kinda have to live with it and make do.

In any case, here is my latest creature design:

Guess I should have spent more time on this, but I’m so sleepy….



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4 responses to “Temporarily quit FB.

  1. Anatol

    Yeah, it’s hard to notice a disappearance from Facebook unless you’re specifically stalking someone and they disappear, or unless you happen to think about that person and wonder what happened to them and look at their Facebook page.

  2. Freelance is a very harsh world once you really step into it, but in the end it is the greatest hand on experience within the industry. Even though it’s a long road of hardship and there’s no ending to this road, the journey itself is worth much more than some artist out there who gets stuck at a studio desk job all their lives. So there you go, Visarut not so original words of wisdom! I am having some green tea right now and feeling awesome, so I thought I stopped by to read your blog. As for mine…I’m working on it (really)! I totally trash all of the old post because from now on I want to be more lively and engage into more discussions with other artists out there. With the freelancing part about becoming lonely and crazy…get skype! Talk with your friends or even draw at the same time; the distance between you and them is not much of an issue anymore with technology now a days. Have a good night and don’t give up!

  3. Chiryuu

    Well, it’s always nice to hear support from you, Vis. Green tea is awesome, you are what you eat, or drink… hehe. Yes, it’s a bumpy road, I have to applaud you for actually doing it; my schooling years were aimed at industry work and not freelancing, but I am definitely considering at this moment. Individual brands are popping up everywhere, you can see that with Etsy sellers and they are quitting their day jobs and working at homes. That sounds totally sweet. But hard.

    I wish I could chat while working, it doesn’t work for me; I can’t do anything distracting. And I actually don’t think many of my friends skype. I’m transitioning to it slowly though. But I’m more of the quiet worker, and I get stuff done more that way. I might be able to watch a movie whilst working, but it’s only like being 40% as productive.

  4. All artists are different, so as long as your goal gets accomplished then it’s whatever flows your awesome boat! Doodle and experimental collaboration sessions are the only time where I involve another artist; besides that, I also prefer to work alone to prevent distractions when it comes to my own personal art projects. It’s been really hard for me recently to find any time at all to draw since I’m working a second job in order to put myself through school (I want my parent to retire happily, so I refuse to accept any of their financial help). Life is tough, but I’m really enjoying it. Not so much freelancing anymore for me, therefore my main focus is all about self improvement.

    Tannie, do what you love and love what you do; art is here to stay!

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