What is funny is that I was going to publish a post on me doing better with my procrastination, but oh look, I didn’t have enough time to prep my spring show stuff together… OTL … Didn’t get to finish redoing my Cereberus designnnnn D: … agh… and I spent so much time, but I tried to fix my manticore, and forgot that I needed to redo the muscles and I didn’t scan it in… But I turned it in anyway because at least I redid it… T___T Spring show….. *sniff* I really want to be in it. Didn’t get to put together any class exercises from Drawing the Fantastic Figure and only managed to submit the Medusa illustration… yehh… I didn’t know if it would have been all right to submit my Thrall Turnaround because Thrall belongs to Blizzard… :\ And I’m wailing in my head why did I wait until now to finally shit together? I dunno… I just have bad perception of time.

Bird! (vulture) I really liked this bird, but I was going to do another vulture. But I kept thinking about the picture I saw of it while researching so this is gonna be the base for my harpy creature for this.

Man, this week is so BUSY. I was gonna say, “sucks,” but it’s not true. I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to finish everything on time. Last week, I spent so much time trying to fix my orthos, and my character’s designs for my creature design class (and didn’t submit all that I wanted — the cereberus!! t_t ). So that really took up a lot of my time. Next Monday, I will be going to visit Pixar ala my Drawing for Film instructor, who is super cool and chill. This means, I must finish everything one day earlier than planned.. 😐 Time crunching and not sleeping 8 hours is teh sux0rz.


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