harpy shippy

Haven’t been posting for my Drawing for Film class. It’s actually been so very helpful. This class is the reason why I really enjoy being an oncampus student the most. As far as painting techniques, I really need to work on it, but I have ideas now.

I think one of the hardest things about the assignment was figuring out solutions to certain things. I was asked a lot of questions, when most of the time, I didn’t really have answers. Yeah, it’s hard to admit this in front of others, but its important to just absorb all the information, and then come back with better answers. I really want to think deep about the designing and storytelling, but thinking too deeply will hinder my creative process, which is what happened with the interior design of this ship. I made a lot of thumbnails on the layout. A lot, and I’m too busy to post all of it, but this is the product. I still have more thinking to do though. One of the things about production art is being able to communicate a feeling right away. It’s easy to grasp this concept but very hard to do because there is a lot of planning and research involved.

Ehh… now my teacher wants me to make decisions… nuuuuu… Why am I so indecisive? I dunno. Perhaps because I am both left and right brainedddd. Why you no work together, ey? Decide on something and stop thinking too much1! … I guess it’s also because I am using one of my old comic scripted stories that really isn’t fleshed out to this extent, but I am expanding on it. Anyway, I’ve decided to work on my stories slowly over time and refine them so that when I do them 10 years from now, I’ll zoom through. Yay, comics! Of course, it’s imperative that I start writing them to begin with…….


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