More harpies

This harpy I designed sort of reminds me of the harpies in Phillip Pullman’s book Northern Lights, or as I used to say the Golden Compass (I think this title will stick with me more than the changed name…. it just had more meaning.) Oh wait, they were in the Subtle Knife. But I remember they looked like women but sort of scale-y in my mind… I deviated much, but I wasn’t thinking about it when I designed it. But while researching Dante’s Inferno came up, and well, I guess Pullman got the inspiration for them from Dante’s Inferno. I also thought about those ugly chickens in the Zelda game, Twilight Princess, which were apparently intelligent beings who dwelled in the sky. They were so ugly, I appreciated them.

One thing harpies seem to represent are the punishers of sinners. Their latin name means “to snatch” because of the Greek story with Phineas, they stole his food. In The Subtle Knife, they never intentionally hurt others, but only to scare and keep people trapped in limbo. Anyway, need to work on my other hws now… I want to sleep though….


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Filed under Art, Concept Art, illustration, Painting

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