I don’t think I’m getting into Spring Show. T_T But if I think too long on it, I will turn depressed, so I won’t. There is always next year, or at least I hope so because I only have 2 art classes left. Need to look for an actual job again. But I finally got my seller’s permit for AM^2. This summer, I will be doing a lot of portfolio preparations.

Well, this morning I woke up at 7am! And I wasn’t feeling like a grouch. I think I’m truly a morning person afterall. Just hate waking up earlier than that. I like waking up when the sun is peaking out because my room starts to warm up and it feels really nice.

I’m quite determined to finish my finals early because normally, I’d never take advantage of the extra time to prepare and end up finishing last minute.

I knew learning Google Sketchup would pay off in the end. Thank you, Urban Sociology. That class was pretty awesome all around, except having to go about and interviewing people…. >< I failed that bit. Anyways, this assignment has reminded me why I thought sketchup was lame, because moving things is a such a PAIN. It’s very non-intuitive and I had to keep reminding myself that this is a free program and I shouldn’t be too angry with it.

Well, it was frustrating, but 8 hours later, I came up with what I needed. This is a great tool because I can actually fix the placements of the furniture around, something I had problems with while sketching in my sketchbook. There is a bit of a problem with scaling too, but I hope I can fix that as I go on. Also had several moments of epiphanies as I imagined what the interior of my harpy ship would begin to look like too.

The Zelda stuff is just there for fun because I found them while looking for components… hahaha…. I do love that series.


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