Laptop skins and buttons finally here~

Other than a screw up in my order, my stuff have arrived (I actually did buy two 17″ laptop skins, but it came out to be a 13″ which I have nothing to refute or complain against because it showed up on my receipt and I did not check my order. Poop, what a doozy… next time though.). W00t!! Well, waiting for my free business moo cards to come in. Still need to print stuff, I need to make my bookmarks, which I need to buy magnets for… But will definitely get around to doing that by the weekend.


And, I have new glasses, which I am going to make really sure not to lose… The last semester had been sort of terrible for me visually sometimes, well, I couldn’t exactly help my classmates with their critiques because everything was so blurry….. In any case, that’s all for now. Hope to see friends at AM^2.


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