Life Drawing sketches at Church and fanart

Perhaps it’s been ages since I last posted life drawing sketches. Trying to practice more often. Truthfully, I didn’t plan to attend Catholic mass and if I did, it would be to save my parents face from unwanted gossip among other Vietnamese church-goers. Now, I’m just going to practice my life drawing. As long as I’m attending mass, the old people won’t be complaining to me, will they? I suppose it’s better to practice Rest day in some way than none at all. Though the lord is with me all the time.

And also, I didn’t realize that someone might like my Sailormoon fanart, so I decided to do the rest of the inner senshi. Enjoy. I haven’t done fanart in a really long time; it’s really far from my mind, but I think Sailor Moon holds a very dear place in my heart even though I’m older and 22, and in 6 months will be 23. She was one of the reasons I’m totally in love with drawing. Anyway, yeah. And business cards came. Whoot!


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