The Aftermath

Recently, I’ve been in a lull of sorts… relaxing… almost doing nothing, other than very small commissions. It’s actually driving me a little nuts because I know in my head, I need to do more important things, but I’m thinking about how short my summer might be or that I have to go back to SF in a couple of weeks. I feel like I’m not ready for it. Well, I feel like a lot of things, and it makes me anxious in my mind. I need to meditate…. I should start a Sketch of the Day thing, and practice drawing what I’m feeling.

Well, AM^2 could have definitely been better, but it was their first year, there wasn’t much going on really. And on the same day as AX. Even though AX had a bomb, there wasn’t going to be an influx of attendees, but still, I suppose I made better sales than some people at this artist alley. I still have a lot of bookmarks left. Stay tuned for a link to my Etsy page, I suppose. I forgot to bring a book to display my awesome magnet bookmarks. I’ll be honest, it’s not an original idea, but I loved it and I love reading. Can’t ever have enough bookmarks. Someday, my personal library will come to fruition. I am a simple person like that… A lot of fanart stuff were bought, like my TWEWY pins, it surprised me because I didn’t think… haha… Truth. I’m not a good liar unless I’m telling a story. Also, couldn’t help but slap on my own laptop skin onto my macbook. It looks really spiffy now…


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