Sketchbook: Knott’s and more of Sunday Mass

It is regrettable that every year I say I really want to go to San Diego Comic Con but never really do. I think it started back in my senior year of high school. So I’ve missed out on it for 6 years. It is also unfortunate that I have no car and even if I did I’m shaky with it, and that the trains are so ‘spensive. It’d be nice if the Pacific Coast has a bullet train all ready!!

Sorry to myself for not posting regularly enough. There are times that I forget about posting because life is kinda good and don’t feel like putting down my thoughts. Not perfectly good, but mostly content. But there is also lethargy. I’ve been quite lazy lately too. It’s always like this when I’m “home.” I feel like I sink back into a stupor, the one where I did nothing all day in high school. Least to say, I must get back to SF before I get even more lazy.

About a week ago, I went to Knott’s. In the time that I have been in NorCal, the theme park has 2 new rides. I couldn’t hold back my screams when I went on Silver Bullet. I think the first part of that ride was scary, because as soon as you strap on and they take off, it’s like this slow-mo suspense part. And you see the “hill” and know in your gut there’s gonna be a drop. Roller coasters in general are psychological mind fucks anyway. Supreme scream is still scary as hell, but I go on anyway. I think my heart has a weaker disposition than before, but at the same time, I enjoyed Xcelerator — I used to hate that ride in middle school…

I am happy to say that I’ve been taking my sketchbook with me everywhere. The lines were long, so I decided I might as well do something to occupy while waiting. They were long, but they were moving. I couldn’t exactly draw a person for more than a 1 minute because they fidget or turn a corner. I just did gesture drawings after a while.

I hope to go to Six Flags someday, with a special friend; I still haven’t gone yet and I’m 22 (and a half!). That’s lame. Need to go before I get any older…

I am still sketching at mass sometimes. This Catholic church is a very small group in a very small place, right next to a bar called the Moose Lounge…. I think that’s hilarious, but the church ain’t exactly rich.


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