about.me review

So I’ve been using an online profile thing called “about.me.” It’s in the promotional stages I think, and I got wind of this because I am a BzzAgent — not an overly active one, but that’s okay, I don’t like spamming my friends so often but love giving them free stuff to try. This is great for when you have too many online profiles like me! Sometimes, I just don’t know which link I should give to people. Should I link them my DeviantArt? my Behance? my blog? Most of the time, it’s here, but sometimes having so many profiles, I get lazy about updating them all at once. =_= Yeh.. sorry.

And you can get 50 free moo.com cards! I got my first set, and they were so purty~ And ran out so fast at AM^2, I had to get frugal about giving my cards out on the second day… :\ Some people took more than one, but at least I know there are people who like my art so much. Consider it a free 2×3 bookmark, I guess.

I will be posting stuff again. Currently, working on creating content for my new cooking blog. Stay tuned~


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