Empress WIP

Sorry for the lack of drawings! I also want to take a moment first to thank pencils.com/blog for tagging me in a recent blog post! Also, this reminds me… I need to start linking my friends and stuff on here… sorry. ><

I’ve decided to post a work in progress of this drawing/painting that I’ve been working on steadily, which I started since before going to my parents, and then coming back to SF in Aug. This is a small tribute to one of my old best friends in the fourth grade that I’ve lost in touch with, and he is surely missed. I had moved schools sometime in the very beginning of fifth grade, and I did manage to call him every now and then. He told me he was going to move to Hawaii some time soon, but I don’t really like talking on the phone much so I didn’t keep in touch often enough. I still only use a phone because it is a convenience. Although, I feel like I should get a smartphone soon. I am probably also one of the last peoples on earth to not have a texting plan. So I guess it’s time to move on with the times and join the crowd because that’s how the kids talk these days.

But in any case, he had this thing with Queen Elizabeth that influenced me, and this was also the time when Star Wars Episode 1 came out, and we had this thing/infatuation with Queen Amidala. Needless to say, I am attracted to royalty. ;P I also am inspired by Android Jones and Trinity Blood, so there is some semblance of those also in here. Inspiration from lots of things! M-hm.

And a close up:

And one final, random drawing:

“Le Angry Bübü” © Tannie Duong. Booboo was having a particularly angry week. If you don’t remember where he first appeared this is the post here.


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  1. Nate

    I don’t even remember where this stock image came from it’s been so long, maybe something from ragnorak? Was that big back in the day? But your drawing reminded me of this thing from ages ago. Nostalgia ftw.

    Also get a texting plan so you can text me.

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