The beginning of my last semester

I think that each time that I make a post now, I have I to apologize for not updating. Each time too, I take longer and longer to update…  Well, maybe I should include this as a suggested New Year’s resolution? Har har…. Yet I actually don’t do NY’s resolutions.

So, it’s my final semester in AAU. I wasn’t sure about my classes since it’s my last semester and I want to do something neat for my last semester. I suppose they are neat. I am very much liking them and that I picked them. Usually, when I listen to other people about choosing classes, I get crapped over… I dunno why. Bad things happen….  But I listened to myself this time. I’m also feeling anxious about my graduation in May…. Growing up is interesting. When I was a child, I always thought that growing up included doing amazing things, or that you know that you’re growing up. But no… it happens slowly with each passing second.

I was watching a TED talk the other day about leadership (how it is important to celebrate even the tiniest moments in life where someone has affected your life in some positive way), and the speaker said, ‘We celebrate not dying after 365 days.’ It kind of just dawned on me… the reason for birthdays. It was a weird moment to have an epiphany, because that talk wasn’t about celebrating holidays. 23 years is quite a long time for anything, and I’m not dead yet so far, so yay! Forget about age for a moment or that in 7 years, I’ll be 30 (well, shiet…). Still, we live in a generation that seeks danger because there just isn’t enough of it. One day, I will be jumping out a plane and parachuting, which I think is less terrifying than bungee jumping. Let’s face it, you only have to jump once, whereas with bungee jumping you have to fall down and go up again several times. My heart won’t take it. Instead of dying because of splattering to the ground, I could die of adrenaline rush in my protective straps….

Here is my first school/in-class painting of the year from 2 weeks ago. I am so out of practice… I feel like a newbie. It dawned on me, I hadn’t really painted with oil in a year. So I am going to be struggling quite a bit. There will be no ctrl+z’s or a layers panel… >< But I’m excited, need to practice more and maybe I will finally go to a painting workshop.

What with all this happening, I’ll try to do marker reviews later in the month. Then again, I’m not particularly busy as much since I only have 3 classes… I bought some Copic markers finally, like a couple of months back. I’ve used them a couple of times, but I think I may be too traditional. Markers are hard for me to assimilate o because I keep thinking that with watercolor, I can erase some things more easily. Well, more on that later.


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