More clothed figure paintings

I recently visited a long time, old friend in Stanford. And we went to the Cantor Arts Center — it was free admission! It was a very nice museum, I saw the Gates of Hell sculpture, grabbed a lot of reference photos, bought an artbook, and these little notecards because I LUV Wayne Thiebaud. He uses a lot of white paint, and his application is thick and controlled. I love his painting still lifes of sweets because of his technique, his still life paintings of cakes look so edible… but well designed… hahaha. A much needed inspiration for my paintings because I am struggling this semester.

My business cards from moo arrived! And I changed up some of the pictures.

From my figure painting class from the last two weeks. I’m still struggling with getting accustomed to oil paints again… The smell is so strong. 😦 I’ve sort of figured out one big thing about drawing versus painting: when drawing, there is more control with value because, the value that you put down is expected, and mostly constant depending on hand pressure. I feel like with oil paint, you have to gauge and mix and gauge again about the colors and tones that you put down. With photoshop, adjusting the values, hues, and saturation are only a click away. I should …paint more so I can stop my hands from shaking so often holding the brush. Or maybe its because I don’t do enough drugs that my things don’t turn out awesome.

Also a side note: I finally put together a facebook page, and I was so excited because I made an iframe tab… except facebook is switching completely over to timeline. Therefore, I just wasted time doing that. 😐 sigh. Anyway, if you like me then please like my page :), I would appreciate it:

And with this, I will attempt to update more often! Yay!


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