The Empress

So after many painful and sleep-depraved nights, I have finished the Empress painting I’ve been working on since January. Well, no, I started in January, but worked on it every so often for about 30 minutes for a day/two or three per month since January. I managed to get it done on time for spring show submissions. I think the gold paint looks really awesome up close and personal, so taking a picture does not do it justice because I wanted the Empress to glow in the light. It was hard to keep it purely watercolor, so I did use gouache and then acrylic paint. My one regret is not having used better archival paper, which I have tons of still (why Tannie, why?!)… :\ Feel like da Vinci when he might have realized that his painting of “The Last Supper” wouldn’t last long.

The Empress by Tannie Duong

I hope to have more time to update after this hell week. And really need to start job hunting for reals-ness. Other than applying for Pixar of course… which I think I probably didn’t make it…. >_> … Oh well. I tried my bestestest. I will have to try even more bestestestestest in the future.

Categories Acrylic, Art, illustration, Painting, Watercolor

4 thoughts on “The Empress

  1. Beautiful vision and execution

  2. Amazing! Looking forward to more posts!

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