Conventions and other happenings. & Oh yes…

…It has been 43 days since I have graduated. Whoooo…. Still job hunting. Wish me luck. Sorry, I tried to keep up with the blog, however, been posting a lot on my facebook, and that has been taking up my time among other things like prepping for two anime conventions. I tried to sell; I sold my magnetic bookmarks… now I have tons… that I dunno what to do with. Perhaps I will open up an online store soon. But they did not do as well as I hoped, but in an age where iPads run rampant (even I own and use one as an ebook D: shoulda seen that one coming!!!) it is to be expected. 😦 Still… sad. In any case, selling at cons is much more difficult that it looks to be honest. I will be trying different conventions that suit my style of art better, I should say. But for now, I am so dead broke. So I’m going to retreat back to San Francisco soon. Actually, who knows how long I can actually stay there!

I will finally be posting up my EA art test I took back in May. I’m sure it will be fine to do so… So a tentacle alien worker + a retro futuristic drill rig inspired by the Venus Project.

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I dunno, I suppose what is like being a graduated art student? I’m not sure how I feel. I am conflicted. I actually like learning. I am sad it costs so much to learn so I’m happy I don’t have to take out more money to do so. However, I am feeling a tad lost. I am elated to be able to spend time on hobbies once more! Like reading… oh man, I’ve been reading so much, its AWESOME.. And I watched Adventure Time. AND THAT’S SO AWESOME TOO. Time is good, if only it were free. And I can start writing my Little Space Mermaid script. Need to do more character designs, but I am excited, maybe for once I will finish? I decided on another route for the little mermaid, keep the original story but stick it in space. Why the hell not? I’ll still be doing the comic in watercolor. It’ll work out. I dunno though, I’m excellent at starting, but bad at finishing. Lately, it’s been getting easier to do the latter however. Writing is much harder because its mind tricks that you have to deal with. Fatigue is not hard to deal with. But your mind says stuff to and drones on and on… that is why writing is difficult to finish. Reading helps me to write because it feels like I can see the other authors writing and struggling from behind their novel too. Since I haven’t been practicing with my writing, I probably suck a lot. Bite the bullet and deal.

P.S. Finally, I know that I have torn my ACL tendon after all these 3 years. Exercise is integral and important for office and desk jobs; I hope I can at least do some kind of light running to keep from getting flabby. That is all for now. Thank your for reading this far.



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2 responses to “Conventions and other happenings. & Oh yes…

  1. Hey Tannie! I just want to remind you I’m still reading your posts, and praying for you (when I remember… you see, this “unceasingly pray” thing hasn’t quite gotten into my habit yet), for what that’s worth. If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area with free time, hit me up!

  2. Hey! AWW… Anatol, you’re awesome!! It’s okay, at least someone is you know, but you don’t have to! Damn, I wish I was still in LA… I’m going back up to SF very soon. Ah, let’s hope I get a job in LA then, yeah? hahaha… 🙂

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