Alice characters WIP

I seem to have positive responses when I’m doing Alice in Wonderland inspired art. Why is that? I’m actually not into the story as much as other people seem to obsess over it. I can say though, that Lewis Carroll’s characters are pretty fun to design. I think its because its so ambiguous, its left up to the reader to determine? The story/book itself is pretty whack, if I must say so myself. Or what I have read it. I didn’t quite finish because I’m reading so many other things. I happen to have a account that I update… and I keep looking at my to-read list and currently reading list. It grows substantially and doesn’t seem to go down. Does that make me have a strong appetite for books? Or really… really slow at reading? hahaha…

That hatter isn’t really my final design… It was actually meant to be a different hatter from the Angel Sanctuary manga, which I’m sure the mangaka was inspired by Alice in Wonderland too! But I liked hers more because the hatter was a complex character. This hatter was born a female angel. The story was that she didn’t want to be hindered by her sex, so she took medicine to stunt the growth of her breasts. And of course, since it was probably considered hedonism, she/he/it as a demon created many calamities in the human world. Anyhow, she/him/it… thing? (having gendered pronouns is actually really prohibiting in this context!) had an interesting point of view throughout the story. She/He was definitely psychotic though.. And what was of course an interesting point of reference was that the demons often times seemed much more human than some of the angels. The hatter had rescued the main characters a couple of times if I remember correctly, but I don’t have access to the story anymore, so I can’t really say for sure. It’s a complex story that cannot be explained in a few sentences… Angel Sanctuary was something I read back in high school. It’s not meant for the faint of heart, because if you can’t get over incest, you can’t read past the second volume essentially… >_> Although, this author is like totally known to put that theme in her books quite a bit. I dunno what that means but it sparked a really WEIRD debate in a forum I used to frequent.

I guess I’ll be working my way through the Alice character series starting with March Hare. This isn’t final, its still being worked on.

Still playing around with the Queen of Heart’s design.

I can’t say when I’ll finish… >_> My full time job at the moment should be job-hunting. D:  Actually, I will be working on a new game project. I really can’t say what, but it’ll be an fps based on a Korean War about the 38th Parallel. This is gonna be my first time doing this kind of project, so it’ll be interesting. I hope it turns out to be awesome when it gets showcase at GDC in 2014. As for GDC in 2013, I so wish I could attend, but probably not. 😦 No moneyz.

I’ve also decided to participate on the Sketchbook Project again. I’m hoping I turn something more awesome in. I don’t think I did well with the theme I picked last year. Maybe that was what limited me… :\ It took me about a month before I figured out what I wanted to do for this one. I should probably get to it though, because I’ve had this thing with me for 2-3 months… ><

Androids is based on the fact that our society is getting to the point where it is almost hard to be without technology. It may not be in us, but it has become a part of us. Also, loosely based on the concept of the Homunculus manga (totally worth checking out if you’re into psychological thrillers. This mangaka wrote Ichi the Killer, which I haven’t read yet).


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