Top Favorite Artists: John Singer Sargent

I feel that for some reason, I’m always forgetting who my favorite artists are. Especially, the classic/master artists, so I’m just gonna start posting them… Just haven’t really produced any art lately though, sort of happens when you get in a sort of funk and life gets in the way and a ton of other silly things to worry about that I wish didn’t even have to think about.

John Singer Sargent

is an American artist but has actually spent more time in Europe in his entire life. He’d studied art in Paris, and was a prolific portrait painter of his time. However, he practiced a lot of landscape and other subject matters as well as his portraits and worked en plein air, which literally means “in the open air.” It is a French phrase that means painting outdoors.

One of the great things that I love about his style is that it is very loose and yet, very realistic. He has an almost “tight” but “loose” kind of style, that most art students envy. I mean, other than saying he’s just fantastic and I wish I could paint like him, it is worth it in my opinion to study almost his works since he has such good control over his technique. He is a master of both oil paint and watercolor, which I think is pretty amazing simply because these two mediums are complete opposites of each other. I think this style is very similar to Velasquez who also paints with loose brush strokes. It is because the works are actually quite large, however, if one were to zoom into the picture, one can see the individual brushstrokes.




The Daughters of Edward Darley Bolt




Carnation Lily Lily Rose


Karer See, watercolor


Spanish Dancer


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