December sketchbook pages

Updated the layout of the blog. Space Invaders, anyone? Sorry for lack of updates. I will be posting about a new artist soon enough. In the mean time, this is my December sketchbook pages.

I wish I had more finished works to show, but I’ve been struggling to finish my Sketchbook Project book and mail it in by the 15th. I’m also in the works of designing the Devil, and his design isn’t even finalized yet because I have to finish this sketchbook! So essentially, all I’ve been doing in January is drawing demons and cyborg/android stuff — which is my chosen theme. I didn’t really feel like picking what they had, didn’t work for me last year…

But if the Sketchbook Project Tour is going to your city, you should check it out. I wish I had the time to last year, but it was never in the place that I was staying in at the moment… I’d be in San Fran for a duration and then in SoCal for another, so I missed the tour. Poop. Maybe not in 2013, since I’ll be staying down here in SoCal for awhile. Tour starts in February or so. I will keep the date posted or twitter /facebook it.

I have been trying extremely hard in exaggerating my figures. It is so hard. After drawing realism for so long (not to mention the influence of anime and comics), it is difficult to break the habit. I can exaggerate gestures very well, but exaggerating my style into animation character designing seems so difficult. Aye… keep practicing is all I can do pretty much. I think I’m making progress… D: Just so very slight. I’ll get good at this! FIGHT! I suppose I just never had the initiative to practice while I was in school, but now that I’m not, I need to do it. o_O

My very last workshop at AAU! For now, perhaps.



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