Sketchbook Project Tour 2013 – The Details

So I finished my book. I wish I had time to photograph it myself, but I sorta went to bed at 3am in the morning. And well… my brother is teaching me to drive again, but he’s only available in the morning before going to work. He dropped off my Sketchbook for me at the post office!
So I’m all set and waiting for confirmation. My theme is Androids despite the categorization that I put, which is “sketchbook.” You can find me by searching for Tannie Duong. 😀 If there was such a thing as a portable black light, I suggest bringing one!

It starts in Brooklyn New York on March 2-10th, and then tours around to Atlanta, GA , Chicago, Toronto, Canada, Oregon, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. San Francisco’s location still needs TBD, I think, but that will be in July 26th-28th. LA’s show will be held at iam8bit on Aug 2nd – 4th. I didn’t realize the days were so short! To check more on other locations, you should go to the link at the top.



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