WonderCon 2013! + Game booth reviews~ *Warning, nerdiness apparent!*

Sorry, no pictures this year, and somewhat pointless to because once you’ve seen awesome cosplay, you’ve seen them all. There were no R2D2s wondering around though… I wonder why! Maybe I just missed it. You know, there was at least 3 attendees that said WonderCon is only a 1/10th of Comic Con. That’s pretty crazy… I really need to see Comic Con one of these days!
One of my goals this weekend was to find something neat for my desk at work… and well… I’m sad they had more relevant figurines from Star Wars and mainstream characters… I mean, good for the convention and comic book fans! but not for me. There was hardly any game characters, a few Street Fighter figurines and Tekken, but… I really wanted to find a Red XIII I saw some years ago… I’m going to be forced to go to an anime convention to find one now. I think the only figures I really want to collect is Red XII, Gundam Wing DeathScythe, or Eva-01. I do have to say that Kotobukiya figurines are absolutely beautiful… like if I was a fan of getting the X-Men female figures, I’d grab them up.

I think one of the neat things about WonderCon is the game booths. Free game demos! A lot of people think WonderCon as only a place for comic books, or animation, which it is! but it pretty much encompasses a broad range of entertainment industry things. This is because comic books can become adapted into animation, television, movies, or games. And it works vice versa, games, movies, and tv shows can become adapted into comic books. What attracts me is, of course, that all of these things tell stories. Stories are an important aspect to humans, its been in human history since the cave paintings, maybe even earlier than that, I dunno, I’m not going to look that up. It is an important aspect in my life because it is one of those things that I just don’t tire of very easily like participating in sports. (hahaha)

With that said… look at the shiny new posters I got:


So The Last of Us is a game that is developed by Naughty Dog and the platform is for the PS3, and won’t be scheduled for release until 14 June 2013. A ways away, but apparently, the writer is actually going to be working closely with Dark Horse comics to publish a series. The poster artwork is so pretty. Maybe I should have asked to have my name written on it instead of staring awkwardly at the Creative Director, Neil Druckmann… like an idiot! And then I asked, “& How are you?” Really stupid. (I’m sorry… I suck at starting small talk sometimes.) It is indeed another one of those horror-survivor games. From what I can see of the trailer, it is going to be similar to the Walking Dead, which I haven’t followed too closely, but there’s conflicts with people and conflicts with the “infected.” In this case, the people are infected by fungus, which is really interested and totally goes against what I saw on TED the other day about fungus being about to save the world! LOL… Anyway, here is the trailer, it looks rather interesting:

Remember Me is a scifi game, but actually my trial at the Capcom booth made it seem like a cyber-punk zombie apocalypse. This game was developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Capcom, and also won’t be released until June — but it will be on multiple platforms for the PC, PS3, and XBox. The things that I was fighting when I took up the controller seemed like infected zombies that had emotions…. I only played for about 10 minutes before I fell and died in a city pit…. 😦 So I couldn’t really tell much, I’d have had to go back in line. I didn’t want to, but now I know its not just another zombie game! (Damnit, I need to ditch my macbook and go back to PC.) In any case, I did have fun with it. Simple controls and were not hard to understand; I got it right away — which I love! when the learning curve is short and quick. Plus, you can change the controls and your combo system to something more customized — I stuck with the standard demo. But apparently, it reminded me a lot of Mirror’s Edge and some other infiltrate/mission based games. On a more happy note, Capcom also gave away these foldable, portable speakers while giving away the posters. I’m happy I got my name on it… in silver sharpie too (the poster) :):
Don’t expect to be playing any heavy bass on these, so dubstep is no! But it plays pop music, and speech pretty okay. It’s free so I can’t complain… I knew if I waited long enough that the universe would give me free speakers some day.. hahaha.. Maybe they need a break in period like headphones do, or not. *shrug*

So its actually almost like Inception + Mirror’s Edge + Mass Effect or something along those lines.

Lastly is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U. I don’t think I will buy the Wii U in the future, but it was pretty fun to test out. I think controllers nowadays are so much more complicated; I had a hard time getting used to the learning curve of using my characters because the camera was being weird. The analog was really frustrating for an old school playstation gamer like me, because the analogs, or L3 and R3, are usually at the bottom of the buttons, but on the Wii U its on the top…. So weird. In any case, I picked a hard character to fight with because I always pick archers — apparently, the guy that was there (and no, they don’t rehire booth babes, maybe its because of the new criticism on using “booth babes to sell flashy items” debate) told me she was like one of the harder hunters to control and use. So I failed fighting the easiest monster, which was this snow were-bunny/bear thing. 😐 Embarassing. I started getting used to the controls after my time was up. But if I had the chance, it would be a game I’d be interested in putting a bit of time into. It has an 8.0 rating on Gamespot, which is always good.

I also played Fire Emblem Awakening — which I thoroughly enjoyed because it was a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics. Boy do I miss that game… I was actually waiting for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mirror of Fate, but I was always in the middle of a battle in Fire Emblem and I wanted to finish it… So when I was done, someone else came by and picked up the Castlevania game… I got too tired standing to wait anymore. I wish conventions had actual chairs and seating lounges… D: My poor knee.

Honestly, I could spend all day at the game booths for both days, but that felt like a waste of time! I checked out the other artists around and at the artist alley; Jason Palmer was too busy on both Saturday and Sunday because people were always going up to him to talk to him. I couldn’t get in to even look at his prints… .__.

I’m surprised to say this, but I’m getting sick and tired of seeing so many Adventure Time sh*t and My Little Ponies. I apologize for any insult. I still love both of the shows, but its like how I got tired of seeing so much Kingdom Hearts merchandise and that’s all that ever sold for the past 3 years at anime conventions. However, I understand that the popularity of Adventure Times is just so AWESOME and great.

Would like to finally add the panel on Much Ado About Nothing, a Shakespeare play that Joss Whedon recently created a movie for was pretty awesome. I like Joss Whedon, despite some people saying that he is potentially a misogynist (because even though Buffy was a “strong” female lead, she almost always lacked emotional strength and her romances tended to not end particularly well). Anyway, I laughed a lot during this panel and that’s all that matters because the other panels I went to weren’t as entertaining.

Sorry for cramming so much, but this was my weekend, Saturday and Sunday filled with lots and lots of comics and games.
Next week, I will go back to some un-nerdiness.

P.S. An update on my SelfControl Timer: Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 10.30.56 PM

Will I kick my habits when the timer hits zero? Hmm… this morning I went back a step because I tried to go onto facebook from my browser — of course, it read as error, but slap me, that was bad. Still not getting rid of it out of my system yet… >_> Also, I will not be able to see “likes” or any comments on my facebook page for awhile… I can cheat and go on my iPad (and even at work if I had to) but… cheating is cheating is cheating.



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2 responses to “WonderCon 2013! + Game booth reviews~ *Warning, nerdiness apparent!*

  1. donaldtranwins

    FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING IS AMAZING. Im so glad I bought the limited edition 3DS bundle!
    You can borrow my 3DS when im done with it!
    (Actually…you can prolly play it with me right now on a separate file lol. I’ve only logged 5 hours total in a month. Weekdays after work, you know how it is.)

    I also wanna play C:LOS,MOF but I have to finish LOS on the PS3 first.

  2. Hmm… You know, I may just take you up on that. Don’t tell me you also have an extra 3DS lying around too?

    Honestly, too many games to play and not enough time! If I had a reason to clone myself, this would be a good reason, I think.

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