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My Experience with Art College

I’ve been trying to write a post about this subject for a while now because its always on my mind, and I think that there’s been a lot of media coverage about the difficulties of attending college nowadays. It is so very costly, and I attest this is true since I went through it. I had written a couple of other drafts before this broaching the subject, and hopefully, this one will be much more succinct. I’m writing this because I had in mind to be helpful, and hopefully, I’ll have somehow helped an aspiring art student to also become aware of the situation. We can’t all be dreamy anymore and choose to go to our #1 school choice, but keep in mind that feeling inspired to pursue life purpose versus finding a job that pays, almost always, life purpose goals are much better even if the way is difficult. I firmly believe though, that sometimes we can have different pathways to get to the place we want in life. So if you have to take a job that you hate to pay and fund your way to your life goal, you should probably do it. That’s my belief anyway.

I suppose you can say this is a follow up on the AAU vs. Art Center post I wrote up when I first started college. Well, now that I’ve graduated, here’s some of my thoughts.

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering over the fact that, what would happen if I had not gone to art school? I was informed by many teachers, counselors, and adults in high school that college is an important thing to go through because you don’t want to end up flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Well, the fact of the matter is, most of us nowadays are stuck doing that anyway because we can’t get the job we graduated college for to begin with. I haven’t worked at a fast food chain, but working any sort of sales or retail is sort of a sad means. They pay you “minimum wage” but to be honest, minimum wage is not on-par with today’s high cost of living: rising cost of gas, food, and housing. I could go into economics and how bad the current economy is, but I think that’s a different topic altogether that I don’t really want to get into. I am trying to narrow the subject down.

So essentially, I have been puzzled since graduating about whether or not my choice in school was beneficial for me. It’s really a hit and miss, but quite frankly, with all the online schools popping up left and right, it’s left me in a state of envy. I wish all this was available in 2007 when I started. But I had no idea what I was doing. I had the belief that college was the answer to everything for my future. But if I could go back in time and teach myself the right way, I should have gone to a community college to learn important basic academic fundamentals. And then obtain an AA or something, by then, probably would have set up a school that was by far cheaper than what I was paying for at the Academy. I remember this, and I had calculated the numbers. The only drawback is, would I be as good I am in my technical skills? I have problems with online teaching. My style of learning has always been to be immersed and to see (well, maybe that’s why I’m an artist!).

One thing that art school did do for me, was surround me with different minds — and these other minds helped me to open myself up more to different perspectives. I am much wiser than I was before. One of the things that kept me back was family and parents telling me what I should do. They probably didn’t know very much either as they only told me what other people seemed to have told them. One ability that I wished I could have built up earlier was people skills, and the ability to sell myself. This is most certainly NOT taught in schools. This is a life/street skill. And you need this if you want to become a professional. But going back to being surrounded by other people, I feel like this experience could just happen if I had gone out into the world and traveled to new areas like I initially wanted to. It was always a money issue for me, but quite frankly, when you graduate high school, you have no debts yet, and you can earn money by working part-time jobs, save up, and then go places.

One thing that I really adored was having mentors and instructors. 80% of them opened up my eyes to new possibilities, and I feel like good instructors like that are hard to come by. It’s the institution, however, that is the real enemy as they are the ones who are controlling everything else but your ability to learn. One thing I’m going to gripe a bit about is that the career section in our school was rather dismal. I grew tired of seeking help, emailing the representatives, and never getting replies back. If the counselors had problems with large amounts of email, maybe its time they hired more people to help??? I always wondered about this. Because as much as it is important to have an outstanding portfolio, one needs to also be quite literate. It is a little bit ridiculous, since the school teaches you mainly how to be someone else’s employee, so maybe they should be having more writing workshops for resumes and cover letters? There was some workshops, but it really was just one person talking in a limited time frame. I would have liked to attend a more hands-on type of workshop with one-on-one help.

My experience with freelance art is that, I had no idea what I was doing at first because the terms and words confused me. Sure, it was gone over in my portfolio senior class, but not everything was discussed. There were certain scenerios that left me confused, and the actual help that I needed was not from school or my instructor, it was from public forums on LinkedIn and reading lots and lots of blogs from other artists.

Here is also my experience with online classes at AAU:
Don’t do it. It baffled me after returning to normal on-campus classes how much more information you got from being in-person than being online. Its much harder to also connect with your classmates, and I personally believe that college is actually half for making connections and for networking, and the other half is for learning. So why exactly am I paying for full class tuition prices when I only get 65% of what I get on site? The year and half that I spent onsite made me realize that though I gained good attendance and grades, my artwork isn’t nearly as amazing as some of my other peers and that really depressed me, how far behind I felt. It took a lot of sleepless nights to get my skills levels to somewhat satisfactory. And don’t get me started on about why I should have started looking for internships sooner! There are flyers in the student lobby also that no online student can see but the only the course materials they have. I wish I could have formed better connections with my teachers too. It’s much harder to get letters of recommendation if you are an online student unless you are very aggressive at emailing…

I would alse like to point out that the article above is a bit maddening simply because AAU’s online programs aren’t impressive (as explained above), so don’t believe that you are getting quality education if you are at least in the illustration department. I most certainly can’t vouch for other departments. But one thing to note is, if you’re perhaps an older adult who only wants the course material, than I suppose its perfectly viable to attend an online course since its convenient.

Note that this is only for online schooling for AAU. If you are considering on pursuing a career in either illustration or visual development, or concept art, I would consider going to the online schools, listed below that are fundamentally cheaper to attend and the mentors are real people. So you’re basically, skipping the administration process, and being taught directly from actual working professionals who are passionate about teaching.

List of online learning:

School of Visual Storytelling

Feng Zhu or better known as FZD school – for all things concept art, especially environments. Freeeee! And you can even take the dive and go to Singapore to attend his live classes.

Sycra videos – Freeee!

CGMA Academy

CGCookie – They offer tutorials for a subscription price.


Stephen Silver – also, Stephen has mentioned if you you follow him on Facebook, there is a possibility of getting some grant funding for his tuition, which is pretty cool. His school course link:

Chris Oatley Academy

Noah Bradley Art Camp

And even trying to find a way to get your hands on Gnomon Videos would be good.

I wish I could have added TAD on here, but as it seems, there has been some bad politics and they’re no longer happening, which is a shame how much ConceptArt has fallen over the years… it was a place that inspired me so much when I was younger.


Anyways, this is more than enough to find your way to getting good educational materials. As an artist, what makes you is your amazing portfolio and brain smarts. Educate yourself and you will go far.


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Pixar fieldtrip and Polar Bears ‘n’ Little Girls

I recently visited Pixar for a field trip/make-up class. It was one of the most neat field trips I’ve gone on. No, I didn’t take pictures and neither did I buy any souvenirs, but I have my memories! I was surprised that it was located in Emeryville, among the clusters of shopping departments. But let’s admit it, that area, though has shoppers and some pretty cool apartment complexes hosts some pretty strange people. I got hungry and didn’t know I was going to have lunch inside so I went to Subway. And there were some interesting characters hanging in the front. The lady in front of me had a strange demeanor to her child, but I didn’t pay too much attention. Just a family going out. Actually, that Orchard Chicken sandwich wasn’t too bad.

Well, I saw it down the street, with a big arch and toll booth beyond. Actually, it was not shaped like an arch, it was an archway with big horizontal letters that read: P I X A R (and then, Animation at the bottom). It was covered by a hedge of bushes. The place itself was very much like a college campus. I found that really weird, but the place is so well kept and nice. This company obviously cares much about their employees. I’m so happy for these people. It must rock to work their. Well, had lunch with the teach, now that was really nice. You never really get to know your instructors much, but this was really cool. Then we had a tour and looked at Toy Story 3 art. I didn’t mind it much because I got to see even more of the art that the art book I had purchased prior did not include. This definitely helped me in many ways to prepare my future work and portfolio. I feel very lucky to be in this class. I might complain about having too much work from 3 art classes, but I cannot imagine changing any of my experiences because they have taught me many things that I don’t want to undo. I’ve also been much more lenient on myself about certain things and sleeping a little better at night. Mostly because this past month has been positive. I think that has a lot to do with waking up early in the morning. I think I am a morning person, though I work late at night best. It’s a struggle, but I’m dealing with it. I almost forgot to mention there was a really big statue of Sully from Monsters, Inc. I was tempted to run up to it and hug it because it was so furry. 😛

I really love this sketch. Now that the final weeks are rolling around, I need to finalize all my designs for this class and I have 2 weeks. I believe that it is doable.

The assignment: created to characters that depend on each other for survival; one of smarter than the other, and the other is much more simple minded.

Firstly, I must apologize to my own bear, Snowbie because he isn’t dumb. He’s a panserbjørne. And I miss my stuffed animals, they have to be locked up in a closet in a black plastic bag, which unfortunately, makes them smell like plastic. I’m crazy. I’m 22. And I have a closet full of plush toys. And I make my own plush toys too. The crazy doll lady.

Anyway, about the characters:

The girl is:

  • aristocratic.
  • needs more parental love.
  • needs love in general.
  • spiteful and too smart for a child.
  • cannot walk and depends on things like crutches and big bears to carry her around.
The Polar Bear is:
  • a servant and protector.
  • loving.
  • patient and kind.
  • doting.
  • sensitive, but not particularly smart.
The first stages of design, I thought the bear to be like a fighting bear, so I thought Philip Pullman! and armored bears, but I don’t think it fit very well in context unless this was an adventure story. Well, I decided to give the bear a high-class suit, but tailored for a servant. I think that he is above a servant, but I think that he has to dress like one since he is the main care-taker for the girl.
That’s all for now.

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Earth Day Poster

My poster project for Illustration 3 class. This is long overdue to be posted since Earth Day was last Thursday… I do want to visit the CA Academy of Science Nightlife though! Looks totally rad. The dome of the Academy of Science isn’t mine, but the other stuff is(i.e. the grass… hahaha)… but there are numerous photos of the Earth globe…. I suppose I should I borrowed a lot of online references.

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Summer vacation begins!

Yep. I’m done with school. Oh, man, I was so happy when finals were over. It was like a big burden had lifted off my shoulders.  Although, the last few were fun to do. Particularly, my editorials, and that painting of the girl w/ purple hair. But then it just kind of got too much at the end. My brain fizzlesssss…. It’s important to like what you do, yes, but I can’t work non-stop for more than than 40 hours a week. Too tiring. I really admire hard-working people.

Liv Tyler Editorial


The signatures are obtrusive and I added them, but the originals don’t have it. I think… it is fair that I take protective rights to my illustrations. Although, I don’t seem to do that with my fine art stuff… 😛 There’s just too many and tedious for everything.


^This could have been handled better, but I ran out of time. :\ The lighting was somewhat overcast, so it was really difficult with the values and subtleness of how the light catches.


^The feet is cropped off from the canvas, but it w as too hard to do… cast shadow needs to be fixed. :\ Well, he liked how I painted the legs. 😀 I got an A- for this and the other painting. My first one! I am happy. Teacher is a hard grader but getting an A is awesome. ^_^

There was also that dragon picture/book cover assignment I did, it wasn’t very good because I colored it too dark, so I will not post such failures on my bloggy. The colors just weren’t working. I tried though… :\ Man, I wish I did the Golden Compass instead, I think I would have been more happy.


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Some updates and afflicting choices for the near future.

Lime, orange, and white container

Lime, orange, and white container

Full color palette, still life, week 4.

Sketchbook pictures, people study, clothed figure drawing. I’m getting better, but I can’t look directly at people yet. It’s weird.

Now for the rant.

I’ve been feeling down lately. Because I hate making decisions. Free will is such… a difficult thing. People should feel blessed but it’s such a curse at the same time. Ridiculous, I can’t decide what I want to do. Advance my education 2 times faster or go to Italy. Advance or have a wonderful, worldly experience. Well, you only take 4 classes, I want to take 5 next spring, but that raises tuition. Does this mean I want to taste the nector of the world. Going to Italy has too many pros and cons. I just don’t know what outweighs the other.


– I meet new people, make new friends, maybe. I need to work on my aloof personality.

– See an archaic city at it’s finest.

– It’s fucking Italy.

– Broaden my horizons.

– Get out of my house for 7.5 weeks.

– Be away from people.

– Painting and drawing in Rome, Venice… the works

– Really good opportunity for exploration.

_ It’ll be fun.


– It’s about $12,000 – 13,000 D: This does not include food expense and souvenirs.

– It will take me forever to find the money.

– If I take out loans, it will take me longer to pay it all back.

– Our economy is in a recession.

– I’ll need to finally sign up for a credit card (but that’s not even a problem)

– Money is hard to come by.

– My cons are entirely made up of money issues.

– I might only take one class for summer when I should take 2.

– I could take 5 classes for all my semesters because my financial aid covers tuition and a little more, so I don’t want to borrow more money. Really don’t want to borrow anymore.

– Getting injured, or stolen from, but that’s the least of my worries.

– I feel guilty, so I am lengthening the list for cons.

– I’m being selfish, this is my heart’s desire.

Outside view:

After school, I can embark on my own personal journey. It will just take longer. I can finish school fast in 4 years, and I’ll lesson my load if I stay with my parents until graduation. What I’m worried, is that I’ll break down from living with my parents for too long. The harder the fall, the higher the ascension. Must I continue falling? All right… I should dig myself a big pit. A BIG pit, filled with snakes and darkness and hope I can climb back out again. If I dont make it out, I think mental institutions will gladly take me in for study.

Humans do not intentionally put themselves into pain, no one wants that. I don’t know how people can cut themselves, but they only think it makes them better. Mutilating a perfectly good body that was a gift; it’s like giving away your friend’s photo to some stranger so he can do dirty things with it. I should remind myself that all my possessions, even the ones I bought were given to me. That the universe has more abundance in it than what currency should mean.

Now. Italy? Or advancement? What one would be the pit? Emotionally, this is stressing me because I need to make a decision soon. So I can enroll in classes.

I can’t live with my parents forever, but I don’t want to owe anymore money.

I’m cursing in my head right now. It’s a stream of “f*ck,” “damnit,” and “this is stupid.”

Oh, yes and ants taking a liking to me. They’re everywhere around the house. Sometimes I feel them on my skin. It didn’t click to me until yesterday, but apparently, they have a message that is being delivered to me. If ants were my totem, I only think it’s temporary. They’re itchy and they bite. Lately, I feel like I’ve been getting rashes on my upper arms from nothing. It just itches so bad, but I see nothing. Such an urgent message. Well. I will admit, I’ve been slacking. I’ve been neglecting work too. I haven’t started on anything and when I do start, it’s turned in late. I said I wanted a job, but I’m not looking for it. I don’t want to do anything. I sit in front of my computer. and even when I have nothing to do on it, I still try to find something to do so I can waste time. I don’t think blogging  right now is a waste because I’m trying to sort out lingering thoughts.

Ants and what they mean? It’s obvious, they are the hard workers in society. Now I haven’t been hard working as I have just confessed! As disgusting as they do feel, I do admire them for their effort. Such small beings, they can accomplish anything they want if humans weren’t tryint to kill with Raid. I am not disciplining myself. I think it is hard to. I am neglecting my own self, I’m not even laying a good foundation I’ve been done nothing! I’m not adding new structures to my life. I need to write more affirmations now.

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RAWR!! Late assignment

Man, I’m so frustrated!! I turned in a late assignment today. It was due 2 days ago, but I didn’t know!!! D: So sad… I just want to scream… FUCKKKKKKKK!!! Like that. But my neighbors will think I’m crazy. I suppose it’s not the end of the world. It’s still only the third week, I’ve got some time till the end of the semester.

And this is the late assignment:

fake champagne bottle, yellow apple, jujube

fake champagne bottle, yellow apple, jujube

This is a limited palette. I only used titanium white, yellow ochre, terra rosa, and ivory black. It makes a full palette because ivory black has elements of blue, it’s not completely black. Same goes with titanium white, so if you use titanium white on something, it will ultimately have a “cool” look. Ivory black and yellow ochre = green, ivory black and terra rosa = purple, ivory black = blue. White = white. This is a very desaturated palette.

I’m feeling like I’ve all ready got the hang of using oil paints, it’s just that I can’t copy exactly. I don’t know. There’s still more to be improved… 13 weeks from now. YOSHU!!


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Hello Again :D

Tomorrow is SCHOOL. :O “dun dun dunnn!” Actually, not so bad. $320 total for art supplies. What did a buy? Paint, canvases and pencils. A lot of other things too, but that was the majority of it. What classes do I have? Still life painting. Intermediate anatomy. Clothed figure drawing. And art history through the 15th century.

I’m waiting on my art books. I’m excited for the Yasushi Suzuki book to come because I ordered it with the George Bridgman Constructive Anatomy book and Barbara Bradley’s Drawing People. I’m really going to try and get more art books because I think it’s important to have reference at hand when you don’t have any initial ideas. George Bridgman tends to draw in a sketchy-line kind of way, some of it is sporadic strokes, but powerful. Like he knows exactly what he’s doing. They’re also very baulky drawings so for anatomy you can see the underlining muscles, it helped me so much for intermediate figure drawing. My instructor, Keith Wicks is really knowledgeable too and I’m glad he made us do exercises from that book. Personally, I saw my line work turn great because of having the reference. I recommend George Bridgman for studying. I’m going to keep all my art books, I think they’ll come in handy in the future.

I’m excited about clothed figure drawing, one thing I wish I could do it experience it oncampus, but that’s not possible. During the last month spring semester, I saw some of the models dressing up in different costumes. The one I specifically remember is one model was a nurse and another was surgeon acting out a surgury scene on a plastic dummy. It was great. Yeah! 😀 Most of my references now is based on pictures. Now I feel like I should work twice as hard as being on campus, because being online, there is a great distance to my old peers and instructor. Not to mention tedious hours in front of a computer screen.

One other notes, I had received mail from a company called Record Devisions. If you typed in “Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations,” I so did not expect to see a link to Honestly, I wasn’t going to even reply, I just want to see if this was legit company. I have been scammed before and it’s not pretty. I feel sorry for some of the ex-employers, but I read through most of the comments, some people were genuine and some were disconnected. For the people who say “Take full responsibility for your actions,” yes, the consumer must accept that they made a mistake. But I want to say that it wasn’t entirely their fault for being, nor was it the employers that were forced to read off scripts, etc. These kinds of things happen from low consciousness to begin with. It is neither parties fault. You can’t just blow up and point blame at everything and everyone except you. That’s not right, but at the same time, it’s not your fault. I forgot where I got this but it makes sense: the human brain is like a brand new computer. It won’t know what to think unless you start programing and installing new software. That is what happens when you are brainwashed by society. But I’ve concluded that greed is a soul-eater. It is also a temptation that people can’t let go of because they’re so into material wealth that they simply can’t let go. I can assume that they’re root chakra is either closed off or too open. In life there is always balance, so when something is too open or it is closed, there is no balance.

I’m grateful that I had received warning about this though. These offers make it sound too good to be true. I was almost tempted but I have no idea where these fuckers got my address. Bitchass. Marketing is full of lies but people deny it by saying it’s something else. A lie is a lie, even if it’s a half-truth.

One thing I’m trying to learn is to feel my own pain and realize it’s presence. I had a good talk with my brother a few days ago. What he said, I couldn’t believe that it I didn’t remember any of my own life principles. Things take time to progress, just like nature and evolution taking a span of time to happen. Time is a word that is hard to let go. Time is a word that is describing sequential history, but does it really exist? What I’m trying to get at is that I was trying to make big leaps to try to understand life, meditation, and balance. Honestly, I dislike my fallen state. I want to climb up but don’t know how. Everyday is dreary, I wish for things to happen. “I’m fucking bored out of my mind. I don’t want to be here. I hate the desert. I feel like I’m melting. I’m unhappy living with my parents. I feel confined. I don’t want responsibility. Go do it yourself.” This is me when I’m grouchy and moody from the heat. I’m grouchy about 60% of the time now. I feel like my mentality drops and drops will keep dropping until I’m back to my old me. Do I endure and take the ultimate test of survival? I could always leave for San Francisco during spring ’09, I am still debating.

I’m serious about the heat though. It’s so hot in Murrieta, my brain melts, and I become disfunctional. Painting will surely be fun. In my past life, I lived in a snowy region. That’s my only explanation why I don’t like desert. If I had to pick a theme for myself, up in the mountains, living in a forest and a simple wooden home where the elves come to play at night.

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Abusing Time

I’ve been staying at my sister and her boyfriend’s place for about 3 days now, probably a few days longer. They just bought a Wii, the second to last piece left on the shelf. It sounds great, but unfortunately, I’ve been playing too much of it. But I finished my final just today for color and design. I might as well post it up since I can’t for anything else.



For my final project, I illustrated a comic book style scene called, “The Witche’s Tree House.” The use of analogous colors of green, green-blue, and blue is to create a calming and yet mysterious atmosphere; contrary to the title it is meant to be serene. The complementary colors red and red-orange is used to offset what was inside the forest before the group of characters entered into the lively green forest. For this piece, I used atmospheric perspective concepts, the furthest away is the lightest, and the closest objects are darkest. The focal point is the doorway on the ground in the picture, and the characters lead to that point. The trees to the side are used to frame the entire picture and the to keep eyes from wandering outside. This was done in guoache paint.
It’s 8.5×11 inches, so it’s quite big. No standard scanner can get the whole thing…. I had to take some close ups with my digi cam.

Updates on my knee, my dad is planning to take me to the doctor to get an x-ray to see nothing wrong. Honestly, it worries me because it feels weird and I can’t stretch out my leg fully. And it feels achy, I’m still limping, except I don’t need crutches anymore. I hope its only a bruised knee. Maybe if it healed straight, I wouldn’t be thinking about it so much. I almost cried because I really don’t want to walk like a peg-leg. 😐

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Mandala project

Yes, so I realize, I haven’t really posted any drafts or roughs.. I really can’t because I’m borrowing my aunt’s laptop. I’m homeless and also computer-less. It’s not as bad as it sounds… Actually, yes. Yes it is. Forget it, for once I’m going to say, I really hate my situation. I hate it because I’ve no privacy and my right leg is fucked.  Not only that but I paid $40 something dollars for shipping (to and back as well as an extra folder) for my art portfolio for color and design. I was scolded by means that I couldn’t help and I cried. I think I just “woke up” again. I’m having trouble staying focus with the real world… Sometimes I forget my mind likes to dwell and give me problems. I’ve no house because we sold it and are looking for something in Temecula. We’re hoping to buy a really good house, good feng shui, etc. Staying at Grandma’s is uncomfortable because I can’t do too much, most of my things are put in storage. My mother complains too much. And my dad ….I dunno. 

The upside: my knee is healing, I should be able to walk normally by the end of this week. I might get to see Batman soon when I’m done with school. Summer classes end on the 6th of August. I don’t dislike kids. My cousins can be fun to be with. I’ve learned valuable lessons. I guess there’s a questions to ask, why a guy doesn’t think before he acts… strange impulses, he just had to push. My knee bruised up quite largely, and it was just disgusting…

Anyway, I have one picture, this is actually a final piece that I’m turning in for C&D:


mandala featuring the 4 directional deities

mandala featuring the 4 directional deities

I suck at mat cutting, but it was a freaking circle… took me an hour to cut through. :\ 

For some reason, I am so focused on Genbu, Seiryuu, Suzaku and Byakko. I put them on a lot of my art.. maybe in a past life I thought about them a lot too…

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Art Center vs. Academy Art University

So I said I was going to point out the reasons for not going to Art Center. My visit on new student night was quite pleasant. On campus, it had a lot of foliage, something that I admire in a school, quite a big campus — although I was only in one area. They had 2 separate campuses and a lot of parking space…  Students drive here all the time because there is no dorming. The admissions wrote that they would offer help in searching for apartments nearby. There was a city down the hills. On the drive there, I saw many residential homes that were on the hills. Art Center is elevated pretty high. The homes I drove by, looked like rich homes, probably very expensive? I don’t know the region, but considering it’s so close to LA, yeah, it’s going to be expensive.

During the introduction, they were explaning some things and doing a presentation, showing us pictures from several departments. I liked the idea about how they were going to teach students. Many art schools offer foundation classes, but this is where Art Center differs from other art schools. They don’t have foundation classes, that’s why it’s important that you pick a major as soon as you enroll so that you can jump right into the action. Some people can finish in 2 to 3 years, they have a year-round program I think. I’m not sure how they work. A lot of the work they give you is pretty much hands on. Going to school is 5 days a week. It’s right next to LA so they keep up with modern technologies and art in everyday, etc. Classes will most likely be close knit because you’ll be sticking to your department.

At AAU is different. My decision in going here, I can say, was a good choice. I’m going to have to be picky with them though. The office is old school and sometimes they’ll make you incredibly confused. I just think sometimes that they admissions counselor was an idiot for making me take intro to computers for macs. It was a waste, it was like I was taking computer graphics in high school all over again except we were using macs. The nice thing about art schools is the discount on computers and programs, AAU has discounts with Apple and also with Adobe programs.

AAU has good teachers as any art school because the only reason I love it here so much is that I’m learning so much from them. College really is a business, you might as well milk all you can because of the large sum your paying. This year I have loaded up on so much loans, I’m not telling how much but I can say, it’s been a pain with money. That’s the only problem, all my stress pimples come up because of my financial instability. Even online is a good learning experience, even though the instructors teach less, the assignments that they give you is pretty good. I’ve had some fun doing my stuff even though I get lazy now and then. The whole learning experience online is dependent on you, the student, so if you want to get good, that means putting in the hours, it’s the same in class. I see a lot of students how turn in mediocre work. I often wonder why when they are paying so much.

Some updates on this subject: I do agree that the technology is a little outdated, I’ve been taking online courses all summer long and up to this point — 17 Oct 2008. It’s been okay but I’m more prone to loose thinking and feeling pity for myself. It’s not especially healthy.

And because of money issues and the recession, I’m reluctant to go dorm in San Fran. It’s such a lovely city, which is why the Academy has a strong allure, but San Francisco is an expensive city to live in. I don’t have a job yet so it makes it a little difficult to find a place to live. I’ve been living with my parents for the duration of summer and fall this year. It was so difficult to get myself to wake up early and get started on my assignments starting fall. Summer was fast paced so I had to keep up no matter what. But taking online classes can get reallly boring. I’m lonely without other aspiring art students and I’m incredibly cautious when critiquing people. I don’t like offending people but it’s just so… They don’t suck, I’m just very critical.

I try to compare my own skills to what an Art Center might have to do. I’ve heard stories when Keith was there as a student so they would step on your art if it wasn’t up to par. Maybe that was figurative of him to do… haha… Last Spring I had the best instructors on site. But now… I’ve got some okay instructors. They’re nothing I can be proud up except for the english/history teachers. Their enthusiasm is commendable and that’s why I like my english and history class so far.

This is a personal experience from me and if my thoughts are not coherent as Jake (the Flamer — I like that! hahaha.. I deleted his comment from here and posted it elsewhere) said then I apologize and hope you still understand.


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