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Onigiri for breakfast

I made some rice balls this morning and the inner stuff didn’t taste as great only because I fixed up the wrong kind of sauce for it.

But overall, I think I did a good job of wrapping it up for some reason. I dunno, I guess I like being a domesticated type of woman, but in this day and age, it’s hard to find a housewife now, eh? I’d only like it because of the free time, but I realize that free time in large doses become something like poison. I keep putting things off for later, it’s really such a hard thing because I get addicted to reading stories, especially the graphic novels. An addiction is a subconscious want of release from the pressures of living. It makes sense only because this is what I do when I play games for too long or get caught up in a really big novel-type of story. Maybe I wouldn’t think this way if I made myself go to work. The only reason I don’t want a job is because I’d be giving up my time and at the same time, I’d be dealing with people. And people are mean, I don’t want to have to deal with them. I seem to get revelations everyday and I exhaust myself because I worry too much. I hope my future will continue to look bright though. I put myself into the hands of God and the Universe. Amen.

crouching woman

For intermediate fig. drawing, 1 of 4 hw, this is the 3-value tone picture.

There’s something else that’s been bugging me lately and I realize… I’m not even using my talents to the best of my abilities. I keep saying, “I need to feel inspired.” On some levels it’s true, but looking realistically, it’s only an excuse and proves that I am doing absolutely nothing to improve my situation. Maybe I should really start looking into getting web comics out to get me off my feet. I’m all ready working as a graphic designer for AX as a volunteer. I’m actually excited since they’re having me do some neat things and I should get crackin’!

My new desktop wallpaper:

Moon Fairy wallpaper

I’ve been using an old “spring” themed version for awhile, I didn’t get tired of it, I just like changing things around to look. I really hate the way some people have a definition for wallpaper making or graphics. I can’t believe I was into “gfx” making and signatures 2 years ago. But the good thing is that I’m learning to express myself more because I feel like the rules they had just to make a signature look good was damn annoying. I’ve stopped with signature making for forums and stuff, but I do things on the side when I get bored such as this. I forgot where I got my brushes so if someone comes by and wants credit… sure, I’ll credit whoevers. It’s no biggie, since I like taking advantage of free things. But most of my pictures stocks are from my own pictures. I just have lots of flowers… so many… haha. I don’t think I really know how to appeal to a guy’s wallpaper tastes besides black and dark colors. When I actually get into making my website, I’ll post more. Haha… I used to do a lot of anime wallpapers, but nowadays, there’s a lot of nature-grudge with no real copyright stuff.


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