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WonderCon 2013! + Game booth reviews~ *Warning, nerdiness apparent!*

Sorry, no pictures this year, and somewhat pointless to because once you’ve seen awesome cosplay, you’ve seen them all. There were no R2D2s wondering around though… I wonder why! Maybe I just missed it. You know, there was at least 3 attendees that said WonderCon is only a 1/10th of Comic Con. That’s pretty crazy… I really need to see Comic Con one of these days!
One of my goals this weekend was to find something neat for my desk at work… and well… I’m sad they had more relevant figurines from Star Wars and mainstream characters… I mean, good for the convention and comic book fans! but not for me. There was hardly any game characters, a few Street Fighter figurines and Tekken, but… I really wanted to find a Red XIII I saw some years ago… I’m going to be forced to go to an anime convention to find one now. I think the only figures I really want to collect is Red XII, Gundam Wing DeathScythe, or Eva-01. I do have to say that Kotobukiya figurines are absolutely beautiful… like if I was a fan of getting the X-Men female figures, I’d grab them up.

I think one of the neat things about WonderCon is the game booths. Free game demos! A lot of people think WonderCon as only a place for comic books, or animation, which it is! but it pretty much encompasses a broad range of entertainment industry things. This is because comic books can become adapted into animation, television, movies, or games. And it works vice versa, games, movies, and tv shows can become adapted into comic books. What attracts me is, of course, that all of these things tell stories. Stories are an important aspect to humans, its been in human history since the cave paintings, maybe even earlier than that, I dunno, I’m not going to look that up. It is an important aspect in my life because it is one of those things that I just don’t tire of very easily like participating in sports. (hahaha)

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