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San Diego Comic Con International 2014

San Diego Comic Con has been a really wonderful and amazingly awesome experience. As a first-time goer, there was tons to do, with little time for rest. And I’ve been to my fair share of conventions. I’ve been going to Anime Expo since 2006 on and off up til the present, as well as to E3 this year and last year (which was amazing when I first went but has since dulled this second year), and then to some smaller conventions such as ALA, AM^2, and APE, and big ones like CTNX, GDC, WonderCon. Least to say, this is really my most favorite convention ever. All the other conventions seemed to lack something, but honestly, SDCC seems to have a lot of things to make up for anything that it does not have. There’s just so much content, you’ll never have nothing to do. Anime Expo this year was extremely crowded, and for the first time, reached max capacity. That was a surprise. A very bad surprise. As there was very little content, even if you find that a panel has been completely reached capacity, you’re left with nothing to do. I got frustrated and bored, or maybe it was because I’ve been going to it for so long that there’s nothing interesting about it anymore? Dilemma. My only reason for going is social obligations to friends. However, I’m not going to get completely into this, as Comic Con has some of the most fanatical fans ever (overnight camping just for a panel?!) but even if there was a panel that was completely full, there’s still plenty to do inside the convention and outside of it.

For me, there was a lot of firsts. Initially it was very scary for me, as I am prone to getting lost and feeling extreme anxiety when I can’t visualize where I am. But I got over that learning curve pretty fast, like trying navigate around the city to find good parking. I got super excited on Saturday when I found great parking spots at a reasonable price — if thursday and friday weren’t so awesome, I would have been pretty pissed at having to pay $30 for parking for only 10 hours per day. That’s almost more bad than LA during Anime Expo…my wallet was quite sad, but you cannot imagine my inner triumph on Saturday and Sunday. Ha-ha! And also how tired I was at having to wake up early just to snag good parking. Least to say, I can check this convention off my bucket list. But I will hopefully be returning next year and with another buddy. I do things by myself quite often, and I don’t mind meandering alone down the exhibit hall and exploring by myself as this is something that I a relish, but sometimes, its just nice to share in that experience with someone else who is a comrade in your adventures — especially, with something like Comic Con. There’s a point where you’re just standing in line and you’re taking pictures by yourself, but then you see someone behind have a fun group photo, and you wish deep inside, “Darn, I wish my friend was here with me.”


I liked all the different booths though! This one is from the Outlanders booth for Starz. 😀


Also, can’t not be without an Adventure Time pic. :>

But in any case, I got a lot of productive things done, so going by myself was really more for expanding positive business connections.

I sacrificed watching the Once Upon a Time panel to get my portfolio reviewed by Nickelodeon, and hopefully, I’ll get around to applying now that I’m feeling much more confident about my portfolio. I’d been working extremely hard the following year to make a lot of new content. Such as my Bearskin project, which has been very positive as dark as it is — I recently got it published with Oxford University Press for their Kaboodle educational textbook — and getting around to designing Zetes von Boreas, the Harpy ship captain. Sometimes, I feel like I haven’t made much progress at all, but I had the opportunity to reflect a lot as I organize my portfolio pieces, that I’ve actually done a lot. However, this certainly won’t stop me from creating because there is just SO many ideas that I’ve yet to do. It is rather unfortunate that I never got around to pitching for Nickelodeon as I originally intended. There was a lot of factors on the days before the convention, and time simply ran out, but I am always working on my next story, so this isn’t too much of a problem. Hopefully, I’ll be much more prepared for the next opportunity that pops up.

I feel like I’m constantly busy, and after not being busy for a good while, its a very good change. I wish I could show off accompanying videos for my recent freelance stuff with Free Range Studios, but I think they’re not yet released, so I don’t really want to toot any horns while of my past projects may be still under radar.

But anyway! I’m also super excited that I got to meet some of the members of Girls Drawin’ Girls finally!

SDCC_2014_tannieduong044 SDCC_2014_tannieduong045

I did not once feel bored helping out at the booth and in fact, loved talking with my booth buddies. They’re awesome! I don’t know why its so much easier to help someone else sell, but I have trouble selling for myself at these things. ahahah… >_>

We had a very successful show at the Chuck Jone’s Gallery on Thursday night last week during Comic Con. Linda Jones, who the daughter of Chuck Jones was there doing signings. Pretty rad.

I got an awesome autograph from Dave McKean! He drew in my sketchbook. I wish he signed my name too, but I felt like these news reporters just butted in and he ended up having to rush the sketch in the end. :\

It was cool anyway. I’m really horrible though, as I knew I was supposed to really like him, but I could not for the life of me remember why. And then when I got home, it hit me that he did the covers for Sandman, which I looooove. I wish I cosplayed as Death that day… hahaha ..I also wish I had more to say to him when I saw him too.


The perks of going to SDCC is the fact that all the biggest artists in the industry usually come to these events, so I’m really lucky I got to see Stephan Martiniere and purchase a print. I actually had barely any time to visit all the artists as the exhibit hall was HUGE, and there were so many events happening all at once. It was difficult to walk through at times as well due to the humongous crowds. I need to find some space on my inspiration board to pin it up. I feel like when I pin up something I aspire to, it usually helps me visualize.

It was also great seeing all the creator content too, I like to see how the new age artist revolution is doing with all these independent projects in artist alley and small press booths. Going once really is not enough to fully immerse yourself, I feel like maybe a 2nd time will actually complete the experience. I feel like I need to go to all the creator content panels as I only got to see 2 or 3, one of which was how to get into the Gaming Industry. I really love hearing stories on how it all worked out for the people working in their creative fields.


I’m a huge TMNT fan.

As a newbie, it was all very overwhelming each day. My feet hurt, and my right knee as well after preview night and thursday — really wasn’t used to all the walking, since I’ve been a lot less active lately. In the end, I took the bus pretty much whenever I could. But sometimes, the streets were so crowded, it was hard to do.

But no pain no gain?

The night still had fun things to do, but as the days wore on, I felt much less inclined to stay out late, and much more eager to go home as early as possible to sleep and wake up early for the next day. I think next year, I will attempt to obtain a hotel room at a reasonably closer distance so I don’t have to wake up too early… 😛


I also got to connect with the president of ShinHan Art, and his wife, a really nice Korean woman, which I am pretty excited to test out as soon as I am not too busy with my freelancing. I will be writing a full review on the markers that I bought and comparing it with Copic markers — they’re basically very similar marker products so we shall see~! I’m also going to be testing out the watercolors shown here too, so yeahhh I’m pretty excited. 🙂



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My Experience with Art College

I’ve been trying to write a post about this subject for a while now because its always on my mind, and I think that there’s been a lot of media coverage about the difficulties of attending college nowadays. It is so very costly, and I attest this is true since I went through it. I had written a couple of other drafts before this broaching the subject, and hopefully, this one will be much more succinct. I’m writing this because I had in mind to be helpful, and hopefully, I’ll have somehow helped an aspiring art student to also become aware of the situation. We can’t all be dreamy anymore and choose to go to our #1 school choice, but keep in mind that feeling inspired to pursue life purpose versus finding a job that pays, almost always, life purpose goals are much better even if the way is difficult. I firmly believe though, that sometimes we can have different pathways to get to the place we want in life. So if you have to take a job that you hate to pay and fund your way to your life goal, you should probably do it. That’s my belief anyway.

I suppose you can say this is a follow up on the AAU vs. Art Center post I wrote up when I first started college. Well, now that I’ve graduated, here’s some of my thoughts.

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering over the fact that, what would happen if I had not gone to art school? I was informed by many teachers, counselors, and adults in high school that college is an important thing to go through because you don’t want to end up flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Well, the fact of the matter is, most of us nowadays are stuck doing that anyway because we can’t get the job we graduated college for to begin with. I haven’t worked at a fast food chain, but working any sort of sales or retail is sort of a sad means. They pay you “minimum wage” but to be honest, minimum wage is not on-par with today’s high cost of living: rising cost of gas, food, and housing. I could go into economics and how bad the current economy is, but I think that’s a different topic altogether that I don’t really want to get into. I am trying to narrow the subject down.

So essentially, I have been puzzled since graduating about whether or not my choice in school was beneficial for me. It’s really a hit and miss, but quite frankly, with all the online schools popping up left and right, it’s left me in a state of envy. I wish all this was available in 2007 when I started. But I had no idea what I was doing. I had the belief that college was the answer to everything for my future. But if I could go back in time and teach myself the right way, I should have gone to a community college to learn important basic academic fundamentals. And then obtain an AA or something, by then, probably would have set up a school that was by far cheaper than what I was paying for at the Academy. I remember this, and I had calculated the numbers. The only drawback is, would I be as good I am in my technical skills? I have problems with online teaching. My style of learning has always been to be immersed and to see (well, maybe that’s why I’m an artist!).

One thing that art school did do for me, was surround me with different minds — and these other minds helped me to open myself up more to different perspectives. I am much wiser than I was before. One of the things that kept me back was family and parents telling me what I should do. They probably didn’t know very much either as they only told me what other people seemed to have told them. One ability that I wished I could have built up earlier was people skills, and the ability to sell myself. This is most certainly NOT taught in schools. This is a life/street skill. And you need this if you want to become a professional. But going back to being surrounded by other people, I feel like this experience could just happen if I had gone out into the world and traveled to new areas like I initially wanted to. It was always a money issue for me, but quite frankly, when you graduate high school, you have no debts yet, and you can earn money by working part-time jobs, save up, and then go places.

One thing that I really adored was having mentors and instructors. 80% of them opened up my eyes to new possibilities, and I feel like good instructors like that are hard to come by. It’s the institution, however, that is the real enemy as they are the ones who are controlling everything else but your ability to learn. One thing I’m going to gripe a bit about is that the career section in our school was rather dismal. I grew tired of seeking help, emailing the representatives, and never getting replies back. If the counselors had problems with large amounts of email, maybe its time they hired more people to help??? I always wondered about this. Because as much as it is important to have an outstanding portfolio, one needs to also be quite literate. It is a little bit ridiculous, since the school teaches you mainly how to be someone else’s employee, so maybe they should be having more writing workshops for resumes and cover letters? There was some workshops, but it really was just one person talking in a limited time frame. I would have liked to attend a more hands-on type of workshop with one-on-one help.

My experience with freelance art is that, I had no idea what I was doing at first because the terms and words confused me. Sure, it was gone over in my portfolio senior class, but not everything was discussed. There were certain scenerios that left me confused, and the actual help that I needed was not from school or my instructor, it was from public forums on LinkedIn and reading lots and lots of blogs from other artists.

Here is also my experience with online classes at AAU:
Don’t do it. It baffled me after returning to normal on-campus classes how much more information you got from being in-person than being online. Its much harder to also connect with your classmates, and I personally believe that college is actually half for making connections and for networking, and the other half is for learning. So why exactly am I paying for full class tuition prices when I only get 65% of what I get on site? The year and half that I spent onsite made me realize that though I gained good attendance and grades, my artwork isn’t nearly as amazing as some of my other peers and that really depressed me, how far behind I felt. It took a lot of sleepless nights to get my skills levels to somewhat satisfactory. And don’t get me started on about why I should have started looking for internships sooner! There are flyers in the student lobby also that no online student can see but the only the course materials they have. I wish I could have formed better connections with my teachers too. It’s much harder to get letters of recommendation if you are an online student unless you are very aggressive at emailing…

I would alse like to point out that the article above is a bit maddening simply because AAU’s online programs aren’t impressive (as explained above), so don’t believe that you are getting quality education if you are at least in the illustration department. I most certainly can’t vouch for other departments. But one thing to note is, if you’re perhaps an older adult who only wants the course material, than I suppose its perfectly viable to attend an online course since its convenient.

Note that this is only for online schooling for AAU. If you are considering on pursuing a career in either illustration or visual development, or concept art, I would consider going to the online schools, listed below that are fundamentally cheaper to attend and the mentors are real people. So you’re basically, skipping the administration process, and being taught directly from actual working professionals who are passionate about teaching.

List of online learning:

School of Visual Storytelling

Feng Zhu or better known as FZD school – for all things concept art, especially environments. Freeeee! And you can even take the dive and go to Singapore to attend his live classes.

Sycra videos – Freeee!

CGMA Academy

CGCookie – They offer tutorials for a subscription price.


Stephen Silver – also, Stephen has mentioned if you you follow him on Facebook, there is a possibility of getting some grant funding for his tuition, which is pretty cool. His school course link:

Chris Oatley Academy

Noah Bradley Art Camp

And even trying to find a way to get your hands on Gnomon Videos would be good.

I wish I could have added TAD on here, but as it seems, there has been some bad politics and they’re no longer happening, which is a shame how much ConceptArt has fallen over the years… it was a place that inspired me so much when I was younger.


Anyways, this is more than enough to find your way to getting good educational materials. As an artist, what makes you is your amazing portfolio and brain smarts. Educate yourself and you will go far.

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Shoot! Then Aim.

I don’t seem to have a penchant for blogging as much anymore… although it seems to have come back full swing! There are so many social media things that take away my attention and time. As well as hunting for work. I slept a lot back in November. But the other problem was that I kept waking myself up in the middle of the night, and took forever to fall back asleep again. A lot was and still is on my mind… and it just doesn’t seem to end because my life feels as though there are continuous hurdles I have to jump over. That makes me feel weak and tired sometimes.

But not today. Today, I woke up feeling good. Of course I wonder if the tiredness is because I’ve hit my mid-twenties (and very much like every other young fresh graduate who’s forced to live at home with Mom and Dad even though I really want independence). I want to complain, but I know I really can’t. Well, this is slight complaining, isn’t it? By sharing my disgruntled self. I think with the whole fiasco of some people abusing the use of social networking to find bad seed employees has very much scared off public displays of discontent! (And also, silly people who party and do drugs and post their rendezvous online. Ouch. Don’t do that. The Internet is FOREVER. Just like this post will be!)

Quite frankly, that is a doctrine that is important for when we are working in an office with other people. Nobody wants to work in an a place with angry and none-responsible people left and right. If I was a War General, I would boot these people out of my camp, and not let them anywhere near the other soldiers because it kills morale. Can’t commandeer an acute attack on emotionally high strung people who are going to blow up as soon as their nerves are frazzled. That’s how I see it. A few months ago, I was just interning at a company, and not to be naming names, but the supervisor was a scary and strange person who sent out angry emails to everybody in the office. The scare tactics were, imho, shameful in trying to shame the person who screwed up. This addresses many things, but I’ll be going on a tangent if I do delve into this topic. The main thing is that, some people are not very good at keeping it inside and so others suffer from it. And when they start to feel like they’re being treated like shit, they’re gonna work less productively and want to leave.

I’m going to be honest and say, the reason I’m blogging a lot less is not only is my attention split, but I’m afraid to make a bad impression on my person. I don’t want to be viewed as highly emotional and unprofessional in demeanor — read: WEAK. In either my work life or my personal life.

This is what I imagine other people seeing me on the outside:


Yeah, you know what? I’m not really all that pissed off. And I’m really not a mean person either. When I smile at strangers, the meanest looking people smile back as warmly. Just putting that out there. There is a crease in the middle of my forehead that makes me worried because it seems to deepen, and make me look even more angry… And the more I worry, the more I am outwardly worrying….

But I suppose I shouldn’t shy away from expressing some part of myself, if it means helping with someone else who is as much of a worry wort as me. People make mistakes all the time and I make so many I’ve stopped worrying about them and I move on so much more easily now.

Which brings me to one of my most favorite slogans:


What does this phrase mean? Hasn’t it always been that you aim first and then shoot? Well, I first came upon this phrase on Steve Pavlina’s blog, which at first opened up a lot of new doors for me for self-improvement and living life the way you want it to. However, as I began to grow up, I moved out of that self-improvement phase, and I’m now just living in the way that is Me. One goes through life absorbing information. But you can absorb all the information and still not get it. In any case, you should do something with that information you absorb right? This phrase is used for people who are not afraid of risks and crave ambition and success. It’s not for everyone. This phrase means taking a chance and risking a lot of things. It only makes sense if you’ve ever taken archery or gone to a shooting range, which I’ve done both. Lots of people aim and then shoot because they care about getting it right the first time. But this approach to me is very slow…. too slow. However, shooting first, you have almost 50/50 chance of hitting something, and probably an even smaller chance of hitting your target. Yet as you keep shooting, you learn from your mistake and you become better and faster, and more precise with each mistake. It gives faster results, but more consequences and experience. I’m not one who is afraid to make mistakes, until someone else’s mistake seems to catch up with me. That’s a risk. Always. Because of other people. When more parties are involved, it just gets complicated. So, taking risks should also mean being guarded and prepared for terrible outcomes and taking responsibility for the decisions you make and then from others.

This is almost the premise of thumbnailing and idea sketching. You barf up as much ideas as you can, and then you pick the best ones to flesh out.


Some time ago, I went out with friends for a party and haven’t had the ability to post this up until now… This post is actually a draft that I wrote but never published in November 2013. Well, its not that I haven’t been out and about, I’ve gone down the O.C. to see family 3 weeks in a row, every Sunday until the beginning of November. So lots of family visits in September/October. My friend Samantha’s birthday was on friday, November 1st and decided to meet in a restaurant instead of a house party. Well, a lot of people came rather late and a lot of us were hungry, so I decided to sketch that…. And also, my friend Kathy drew a bunny and I drew a turtle next to her drawing for me. And Gir for Samantha. 🙂

In any case, blogging is therapy. If you want to know what I’m doing nowadays, I’m just trying to work on personal projects and would actually like to start drawing my comics. Which I keep saying, but since I’m pretty down, I think this year is going to change. I mean there’s gonna be a Black Moon Rising on January 30th! I say even if there was a comet coming our way, humans change for the better after going through something big, right?

On January 30th we will have a rare event. The moon will be the 2nd new moon in the same month and it also will be a super moon, (tides higher than normal), which is known as a black moon. This moon can be seen during the day only.

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Monday 27 January 2014 · 09:17

Welcome to the 2014

Time does not seem to change all that much. Or at least sometimes, it really does not feel that way at all. My family is planning to move homes again. It is an ordeal that I thought would not happen again, and yet it is. We’ll have to pack up everything and load it up and take it out… Just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted. hahaha…

My body is a strange thing though. It’s been a torment to me the last year in 2013. I never felt like health would be such a big issue for me, but it suddenly has become so. Yesterday night, I suffered a horrible spell of the chills and shivered until my meds took over until 3AM, in which I was finally able to stop shivering and actually fall asleep. I had a heated blanket over me set on ‘high,’ and I also had some really nice wool socks on. My hands at first would not seem to get warm at all, they remained corpse cold. I did drank a couple cups of water, which may have been why my body had trouble warming up at first. Room temp was probably 50 degrees F… It got pretty cold last night or maybe it was because I had a fit of chills. Least to say I am pretty darn robust and healthy, except for my complicated health issues. I retired to bed early at 10pm because I knew I couldn’t focus on working. I had meant to work on my side projects last night as well as create new postings; I was planning on launching online venues using and Etsy to sell some of my talents and artwork… It is really hard to work when you’re in pain… It’s not excruciating, but it’s that ‘impending doom’ feeling you get when you know that if you let something fester, it’s just gonna get worse and worse. I’ve never learned how to care for myself this intensely before. My general health has now become a 24/7 maintenance, and I’m so tired of this constant battle. I’m really sleepy all the time, and I just want to have a normal sleep schedule again, which I haven’t for the past year. I wake up in the middle of the night or 2 hours too early in the morning for so many reasons, I just want to sleep through for 8 long and good hours. I love those days when I do…

With moving in the horizon, I would really like to dust off some paintings and actually get them into some fine homes so they don’t get cluttered or put away again. I did paint a couple on top of mason and gesso boards, so they are rather heavy to lift when gathered together. It makes moving hard. I try to keep most of my possessions easy to handle. I know I’m actually pretty physically weak, so when I pack, I have easy to carry boxes for all my art supplies and books to be carried. A side note, one of my friends broke his back during the fall last year, he must have been doing some intensive heavy lifting with computer equipment. Personally, found that extremely hilarious (secretly or not so secretly, I kinda hope he’s too busy to notice this blog post, which he is anyway!). I don’t really know why, I of course expressed my extreme displeasure to be the good friend that I am! People, however, really need to have some sort of prior training in lifting. Maybe they should teach that in PE class in public schools? I would recommend.  >_> Books though… Books are bitches to carry. And yet I need them in my life.

In all honesty, I’m sort of scared of this move. For many reasons, insecurity and hope that this is gonna be the last time. Insecure about employment prospects for all of us…. I’ve been wanting to leave Murrieta for a long time… in fact, since I stepped foot into this house, but now I am scared to leave it because I don’t want my parents to lose something they like? But none of us are all that happy actually… so it is a good thing to leave. The best choice would be to build a time machine and to shake my parents awake so they didn’t make this silly mistake at all. The best case scenario of course would be to leave home and fly off on my own, but because I am like so many other college graduate, 20-somethings stuck in an unpredictable economy, that it’s not likely to happen for a long while. The funny thing is, my parents think that when I get married, I’m going to move out. But what if I never get married? I’ll just have to strive to be like Jane Austen.

There’s nothing quite like moving though. I’m pretty sure that it affects a child psychologically. Nothing seems stable in my life. I feel like I will always be on the move. That my relationships are shallow. I don’t have friends I know from 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. I sort of feel jealous of the people who do. It’s strange. So very strange… When I reach a 10 year anniversary with friends, I get really excited.

In the mean time, I’ve been indulging in my own art therapy to help me with own existential issues by doing a ton of art. Some of them look like Rorschach tests…. 2013 was a year in which many things happened, and because those things happened, I began to retreat into myself to cope.

Heaven Canon

This wasn’t posted on my facebook page, but this is the texture I used for “[Don’t] Cover Your Eyes.”


And I cope by turning on specific music and drawing the hell outta my feelings. How does one draw feelings? I dunno, I can’t really say… It just happens… D: I also found a way to integrate my personal expression with my technical expression better.


Does anyone ever feel that saying “last year” even though it’s only been 2 weeks sounds weird? Just like saying good morning to someone at 1am in the morning makes you wonder if its better to say goodnight?

Despite everything, I think 2014 started off really well and that the good vibes will surely continue on.

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26 March 2013 – notes/updates

Will be away from my Twitter and Facebook accounts for about 23 days or so.

And to keep myself in check, I’ve been using this app since finding a way to max out the maximum hours (to show how committed I am to not logging onto these sites on my computer!):

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 12.10.10 AM

SelfControl Timer Countdown

Don’t you just love how the logo is a skeleton head with crossed bones? I’ve realized how apt this is. Because SelfControl cannot be overridden once the user accepts and enters the password. I’ve had to say, “No! Bad, Tannie!” complete with a hand-slapping gesture to keep myself from automatically pressing my “f” key. I didn’t realize how automatic that was until I started this a week ago, I just kept doing it on ‘auto’ as soon as I open up my laptop. I hope doing this will fix that habit. I’m what you would call a “phantom” on facebook. Or a lurker, cuz, most of the time, I’m not really posting too many things about myself despite controlling all my settings and lists. I tend to go to my newsfeed a lot and “like” other people’s stuff or end up reading some random article or supporting a cause (i.e. the Rhythm and Hue’s Oscar fiasco! Bad, Hollywood! Stop that. Just stop, okay? Play fair. Gosh.)

It helps that I watched a Ted Talk video by Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts! Because it made so much sense why I like my solitude so much. It’s true, when I’m working, I prefer to get lost in my own head, and I have to take a lot of nature walks. It’s good to collaborate too, but there are certain stages where alone-time is very important. I wouldn’t feel bad about being introverted! If it’s who you are. Just find the balance between introversion and extroversion. Some people are good at switching between the two. It’s a skill for either of the two types of people actually. Extroverts don’t know how to do certain mind exercises or to go into their mind, and introverts have to always practice being social. But the whole point is, no more time wasting on Social Media addictions!

But I will still be updating this blog when I finish my post on Diego Velasquez. That’s going to be sometime in the next week.

WonderCon 2013 is just around the corner this weekend. If you see a Gaz from Invader Zim or possibly Death from Sandman on either Saturday or Sunday, that’d be me. Here’s hoping its not gonna rain like last year, ‘cuz WTF SoCal? You’re supposed to be sunny most of the time. I miss my ATMG buddies… :< Good times during WonderCon 2012. They’re off making big names for themselves now at EA or making their own studios. Maybe I will see that girl I met from last year again, she never called. I’m just kidding, I don’t even remember her name. I thought I made a new friend, but maybe its a good thing because she practically talked my ear off. Still, that was what made her charming. Who knows if they rehire the same booth babes.
In any case, a notable guest is Jim Lee:

Another is Jason Palmer! Beautiful artwork for various big name studios. 😀

Look/Google them up! I particularly, am loving the Star Wars piece he did of Queen Amidala/Padme on Jason Palmer’s Gallery/Website.

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Reading Symbols and Color Meanings

Hello again.

And once more, I have not updated my blog in awhile. I am still sorry to myself and subscribers, but in all fairness, I update my facebook page pretty regularly! I was flipping through a book of mine just now, and I have some input about color. Actually, I’m always still learning about art, and color all the time. Despite having graduated from art school, I’m still learning about color and value. It’s not that I didn’t learn the concepts and ideas, but there’s always something new that can be put into words or refreshers. And even then, I do not think that a course can teach us everything about one subject, though it is a start. With that, I’ll tell you that in my early life, I had no concept at all about color theory and I very much sucked at it. I can’t tell you how many times my siblings called me the 7 colored fish. I dressed with more than 2 colors and back in the late 90’s through mid 2000’s it was considered bad fashion… Quite frankly though, its fine to coordinate 7 colors, if done properly, I’ve seen an art teacher do this! I’ve always liked saturated colors — I think it is because I’ve spent a majority of my childhood with Seseme Street and kiddy shows. And of course, this is deliberate. Kids respond well to high intensity things. The reason why colors clash is because there is no harmony between the colors and they fight. Fighting is not compromise. No balance.

One way to harmonize colors is to “mute” them, which in terms of painting means putting in one color into the other. This may bring down the intensity of a color and turn it a little more greyer than before, but in effect, it harmonizes two seemingly clashing colors, like complimentary colors. There are usually many ways to do this, but always, it means adding one color into the other. I suppose it is like a relationship with a friend in a sense.

So Colorist by Shigenobu Kobayashi is a very technical and theoretical book on colors. I think graphic artists and Americans are more familiar with the The Color Index by Jim Krause.

It’s a very good book also on color, and is much more about CMYK and RGB and digital application/usage. This series spans to several other books.

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So I’ve been using an online profile thing called “” It’s in the promotional stages I think, and I got wind of this because I am a BzzAgent — not an overly active one, but that’s okay, I don’t like spamming my friends so often but love giving them free stuff to try. This is great for when you have too many online profiles like me! Sometimes, I just don’t know which link I should give to people. Should I link them my DeviantArt? my Behance? my blog? Most of the time, it’s here, but sometimes having so many profiles, I get lazy about updating them all at once. =_= Yeh.. sorry.

And you can get 50 free cards! I got my first set, and they were so purty~ And ran out so fast at AM^2, I had to get frugal about giving my cards out on the second day… :\ Some people took more than one, but at least I know there are people who like my art so much. Consider it a free 2×3 bookmark, I guess.

I will be posting stuff again. Currently, working on creating content for my new cooking blog. Stay tuned~

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Call me an Idealist

So, I am back in San Francisco, and away from SoCal. The 2 months home actually feel far away now. I almost wanted to stay down there because I felt comfortable. But I am comfortable now also. This feels like home also. Probably more so since it feels like this is my main home. There were difficulties I couldn’t voice out. The mundane, however, drove me nuts. It was hard not to be restless but bored. Even at my parents, I felt like a guest. Perhaps it isn’t my real home anymore. I have a feeling I will not being staying here too long either, but wherever my things are, that’s where I am most comfortable. But truly, as you get older, you’ll want to settle down somewhere permanent. I really want my own place…. :3

Before I left, I took pictures of my parent’s neighborhood. I run around it so many times that I know it like the back of my hand. So there were some changes. But they’ve mostly stopped constructing new homes. There are some areas where the workers block it off so that people don’t climb over and mess around… As suburban as it may seem, it still has wild areas. I’d love to explore it when I can (this entails good hiking shoes…). It’s a very good neighborhood. Parents are out with strollers all the time, and pets are walked often. You also see critters like squirrels and rabbits running into the bushes all the time. Although some people are really inconsiderate; they don’t pick up their pet’s droppings… Well, it’s less bad than Treasure Island…


Speaking of insanity, I will be starting the workout for this very soon. As soon as I get all the needed stuff I ordered. Though, I need to make some more trips to the store to buy groceries. It really sucks not to drive. I actually don’t want to order online because I never know what I need, and then I see the prices they have online and it’s terrible. Food is so expensive… But my main diet is salad lately. And there isn’t a thing wrong with it since I feel like I have a ton of energy and I can go on and on. Like the Energizer bunny! I can sleep for 7 hours and not be grouchy that I don’t get 8. Anyway, I’ve been collecting images for awhile now that I think are really great organization ideas for an office/studio room. And I made something out of sketch up. Actually, I imagine the room itself would be smaller, I need to adjust that somehow. So this is some of my references. I’m pretty happy with my vision board. 🙂 Windows are very important to me, as one can see…

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Sketchbook: Knott’s and more of Sunday Mass

It is regrettable that every year I say I really want to go to San Diego Comic Con but never really do. I think it started back in my senior year of high school. So I’ve missed out on it for 6 years. It is also unfortunate that I have no car and even if I did I’m shaky with it, and that the trains are so ‘spensive. It’d be nice if the Pacific Coast has a bullet train all ready!!

Sorry to myself for not posting regularly enough. There are times that I forget about posting because life is kinda good and don’t feel like putting down my thoughts. Not perfectly good, but mostly content. But there is also lethargy. I’ve been quite lazy lately too. It’s always like this when I’m “home.” I feel like I sink back into a stupor, the one where I did nothing all day in high school. Least to say, I must get back to SF before I get even more lazy.

About a week ago, I went to Knott’s. In the time that I have been in NorCal, the theme park has 2 new rides. I couldn’t hold back my screams when I went on Silver Bullet. I think the first part of that ride was scary, because as soon as you strap on and they take off, it’s like this slow-mo suspense part. And you see the “hill” and know in your gut there’s gonna be a drop. Roller coasters in general are psychological mind fucks anyway. Supreme scream is still scary as hell, but I go on anyway. I think my heart has a weaker disposition than before, but at the same time, I enjoyed Xcelerator — I used to hate that ride in middle school…

I am happy to say that I’ve been taking my sketchbook with me everywhere. The lines were long, so I decided I might as well do something to occupy while waiting. They were long, but they were moving. I couldn’t exactly draw a person for more than a 1 minute because they fidget or turn a corner. I just did gesture drawings after a while.

I hope to go to Six Flags someday, with a special friend; I still haven’t gone yet and I’m 22 (and a half!). That’s lame. Need to go before I get any older…

I am still sketching at mass sometimes. This Catholic church is a very small group in a very small place, right next to a bar called the Moose Lounge…. I think that’s hilarious, but the church ain’t exactly rich.

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The Aftermath

Recently, I’ve been in a lull of sorts… relaxing… almost doing nothing, other than very small commissions. It’s actually driving me a little nuts because I know in my head, I need to do more important things, but I’m thinking about how short my summer might be or that I have to go back to SF in a couple of weeks. I feel like I’m not ready for it. Well, I feel like a lot of things, and it makes me anxious in my mind. I need to meditate…. I should start a Sketch of the Day thing, and practice drawing what I’m feeling.

Well, AM^2 could have definitely been better, but it was their first year, there wasn’t much going on really. And on the same day as AX. Even though AX had a bomb, there wasn’t going to be an influx of attendees, but still, I suppose I made better sales than some people at this artist alley. I still have a lot of bookmarks left. Stay tuned for a link to my Etsy page, I suppose. I forgot to bring a book to display my awesome magnet bookmarks. I’ll be honest, it’s not an original idea, but I loved it and I love reading. Can’t ever have enough bookmarks. Someday, my personal library will come to fruition. I am a simple person like that… A lot of fanart stuff were bought, like my TWEWY pins, it surprised me because I didn’t think… haha… Truth. I’m not a good liar unless I’m telling a story. Also, couldn’t help but slap on my own laptop skin onto my macbook. It looks really spiffy now…

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