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Conventions and other happenings. & Oh yes…

…It has been 43 days since I have graduated. Whoooo…. Still job hunting. Wish me luck. Sorry, I tried to keep up with the blog, however, been posting a lot on my facebook, and that has been taking up my time among other things like prepping for two anime conventions. I tried to sell; I sold my magnetic bookmarks… now I have tons… that I dunno what to do with. Perhaps I will open up an online store soon. But they did not do as well as I hoped, but in an age where iPads run rampant (even I own and use one as an ebook D: shoulda seen that one coming!!!) it is to be expected. 😦 Still… sad. In any case, selling at cons is much more difficult that it looks to be honest. I will be trying different conventions that suit my style of art better, I should say. But for now, I am so dead broke. So I’m going to retreat back to San Francisco soon. Actually, who knows how long I can actually stay there!

I will finally be posting up my EA art test I took back in May. I’m sure it will be fine to do so… So a tentacle alien worker + a retro futuristic drill rig inspired by the Venus Project.

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I dunno, I suppose what is like being a graduated art student? I’m not sure how I feel. I am conflicted. I actually like learning. I am sad it costs so much to learn so I’m happy I don’t have to take out more money to do so. However, I am feeling a tad lost. I am elated to be able to spend time on hobbies once more! Like reading… oh man, I’ve been reading so much, its AWESOME.. And I watched Adventure Time. AND THAT’S SO AWESOME TOO. Time is good, if only it were free. And I can start writing my Little Space Mermaid script. Need to do more character designs, but I am excited, maybe for once I will finish? I decided on another route for the little mermaid, keep the original story but stick it in space. Why the hell not? I’ll still be doing the comic in watercolor. It’ll work out. I dunno though, I’m excellent at starting, but bad at finishing. Lately, it’s been getting easier to do the latter however. Writing is much harder because its mind tricks that you have to deal with. Fatigue is not hard to deal with. But your mind says stuff to and drones on and on… that is why writing is difficult to finish. Reading helps me to write because it feels like I can see the other authors writing and struggling from behind their novel too. Since I haven’t been practicing with my writing, I probably suck a lot. Bite the bullet and deal.

P.S. Finally, I know that I have torn my ACL tendon after all these 3 years. Exercise is integral and important for office and desk jobs; I hope I can at least do some kind of light running to keep from getting flabby. That is all for now. Thank your for reading this far.



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The beginning of my last semester

I think that each time that I make a post now, I have I to apologize for not updating. Each time too, I take longer and longer to update…  Well, maybe I should include this as a suggested New Year’s resolution? Har har…. Yet I actually don’t do NY’s resolutions.

So, it’s my final semester in AAU. I wasn’t sure about my classes since it’s my last semester and I want to do something neat for my last semester. I suppose they are neat. I am very much liking them and that I picked them. Usually, when I listen to other people about choosing classes, I get crapped over… I dunno why. Bad things happen….  But I listened to myself this time. I’m also feeling anxious about my graduation in May…. Growing up is interesting. When I was a child, I always thought that growing up included doing amazing things, or that you know that you’re growing up. But no… it happens slowly with each passing second.

I was watching a TED talk the other day about leadership (how it is important to celebrate even the tiniest moments in life where someone has affected your life in some positive way), and the speaker said, ‘We celebrate not dying after 365 days.’ It kind of just dawned on me… the reason for birthdays. It was a weird moment to have an epiphany, because that talk wasn’t about celebrating holidays. 23 years is quite a long time for anything, and I’m not dead yet so far, so yay! Forget about age for a moment or that in 7 years, I’ll be 30 (well, shiet…). Still, we live in a generation that seeks danger because there just isn’t enough of it. One day, I will be jumping out a plane and parachuting, which I think is less terrifying than bungee jumping. Let’s face it, you only have to jump once, whereas with bungee jumping you have to fall down and go up again several times. My heart won’t take it. Instead of dying because of splattering to the ground, I could die of adrenaline rush in my protective straps….

Here is my first school/in-class painting of the year from 2 weeks ago. I am so out of practice… I feel like a newbie. It dawned on me, I hadn’t really painted with oil in a year. So I am going to be struggling quite a bit. There will be no ctrl+z’s or a layers panel… >< But I’m excited, need to practice more and maybe I will finally go to a painting workshop.

What with all this happening, I’ll try to do marker reviews later in the month. Then again, I’m not particularly busy as much since I only have 3 classes… I bought some Copic markers finally, like a couple of months back. I’ve used them a couple of times, but I think I may be too traditional. Markers are hard for me to assimilate o because I keep thinking that with watercolor, I can erase some things more easily. Well, more on that later.

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Fall 2010 Week 8 & Epson Sucks.

I suppose it does not help to constantly check Blizzard’s internship page every day. Maybe they will post it on Halloween? I keep getting rejected from jobs, but a part of me is relieved. Another part of me says I give up too easily. It’s kinda true, I have a lot of stuff from the past week that needs to be redone, but I don’t want to do them. It’s only Thursday night, I need to perk up more. In any case, I really, truly, hate mosquitoes now. Why is it not attracted to the light??? It’s bad enough I don’t get enough sleep, but now there is a buzzing in my ear at 5 am in the morning and my chin and my forearm itch like a mu-trucker.

Thumbnails for Digital Drawing Figure, we are doing a Medusa theme for our final, and some of my advance perspective stuff — mostly, all of my stuff needs to be redone…. sigh… I can’t stand having bad grades in this class because I feel that if you don’t get the class right, I’ll be a failure as an illustrator…. but I finally got my teacher to help me… which was not so bad.


I also hate my epson printer. Never buy a printer for printing photos under $100, even if they include sweet words such as ultra-brite ink, fade resitstant, lasts forever. Piece of shit. Actually, it eats so much ink, it might as well crap. I don’t know where all the ink I did to “clean” the effing nozzles go, but it’s got to be somewhere. Also, I bought 4 star paper, and when it prints right, it’s actually really nice, but it’s such a piece of shit, I wasted 5 pieces of paper and it gives me lines. Epson, you suck. I buy and support your products and this is how you treat me. The scanner is the only thing that is worthwhile.

Well, good day and night.

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My interactive flash environment w/ thumbnails

Illustration 3 is now moving into flash designing, and I’ll be doing the first thumbnail. So, I hope I haven’t set myself up for failure… haha…. That’s a lot of drawing to do… D: Plus I was sort of crazy, very little sleep last night.


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The end of Fall 2009

YAYAYAY! i’m completely finished. SUPER ÜBER relieved. So tired. Comics class is still as ridiculous as ever. Illustration 2 class  taught me a lot. Clothed figure drawing 2 was so-so. English; creative persuasion and argument was cool, also learned a lot. That’s my semester. Phewwwww.

Reflecting on my finals: the two comic pages, surprising, I did not get a critique for the second page because the instructor was being forgetful, I dunno his excuse, he apologized though. I’m like, whatever, we make mistakes. I forgive you. But the irony is that that page turned out much better because the first page had a lot of crap going on. It was hard to see, I’ll admit. But really, I didn’t put my heart into it. There was something wrong with the story, I did not like it. But I couldn’t go backwards and say, I don’t want to do this. It was too late to change it. I was running on low energy, and being sad kind of makes you not want to do anything. Originally, I was going to make the fourth guy in the second panel for page one think, “Aw man, I gotta go real bad!” instead of “hide behind the rocks!” I wasn’t sure how crude we were allowed to be….

The thumbnails for the salon shop was actually my last final assignment. Class as whole was very boring, I also wanted to get it over and done with. I’m quite neutral with it. But the artist quotes we got each week was inspiring at least.

The two night and morning collages was one of the last assignments for illustration 2. Those two pictures summarized the last 3 months quite well for me, I think. And lastly, the Visual Kei poster was the most fun to do. I couldn’t wait to get started, and I thought, I’d really like this as a poster on my wall. And I will, after I clean up the borders some more and glaze it.

What do I do now? I know! Play games… a lot of it. Well, I’ll get bored though. I have some things I have to do, like a friend commissioned me to do an illustration since October! I’m still halfway done. I hope she’s not mad…. 😐 And I haven’t put made my xmas gifts yet. Agh… I’m also hoping to get back my normal schedule. Well, sleeping in the morning and sleeping at night is normal to me. It’s just out of sync with just about 70% of people in the world. That’s just a guess, btw.

So I opted to exercise a little bit today. My lungs had hurt soooo bad… and I had headaches, and my throat got dry and breathing was uncomfortable. What that means? I’m super weak and physically challenged. I only ran about 4 or 5 minutes and then, I couldn’t take it anymore! Walking is healthy too and less hazardous to my knee joints. We’ll see what kind of exercising I do tomorrow.

Perhaps in another day or two, I’ll be posting up some other concept sketches and practices I did inbetween assignments. Doing concept sketches is way more fun, but only if I like them. I’m wondering how I’ll fair with different clienteles….

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The Human Sacrifice

For last week’s assignment, we were to do an editorial illustration of a recent news article.

For those who have not yet read this article about a gang rape in Stanford, then go to this link. And you will understand the picture. I think I was able to put quite a lot of my own emotions into this picture. You know how articles are always monotone sounding, but even so, there was a deep feeling of rage that was boiling in my heart as I read every word of that monotone article. And this is what came out of it. I am wondering what everyone else thinks about this picture because my teacher said she found it very hard to look at and that it was scary. As the creator, I don’t really feel that way, I was very determined to make a statement… So if it was scary, I had no idea… 😛 Haha…

And I have some more lighthearted drawings.

I actually asked my mom to help me, at first it was an uptop view, but then she had to leave. But when she tried to help me, it was not at all to my liking. I try to never let an amateur take my photos, but when they can’t pose, it’s up to you. And when they can’t take a photo, then you set it up on self-timer… haha..

I’m crossing my fingers and eyes and hoping that I don’t have to do too many major changes, and also, that I’ll be so glad this class is over.

I really think wordpress should allow for editing galleries. It’s kind of annoying not being able to delete pictures in the galleries.


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Skateboarder, clothed figure drawing poses, and revealing character practice

If I had known that wordpress how the gallery button worked on workdpress, I would have done this sooner instead of manually putting them in… sigh… Anyway, this week’s works. The skateboard images were due last night, unfortunately, I got a 503 error in my browser while trying to log in because too much traffic going in? That sucked… I would have made it… 11:35pm, I had 25 minutes to upload, such ample time too. So sad. I try not to make excuses when I turn in late things because of opportunities and chances. I suppose this answers one of my old questions about letting opportunity pass. But still, I think that some opportunities are facades that are truly out of reach. The supposed “missed opportunities” are more like lessons we learn about how to get the next opportunity that comes along. There will always be something to counter an excuse anyway, such as mine, what is the counter? “You had ample time, an entire week to do it. Spend time wisely.” Etc. I can’t say much about that because that’s mostly my inner voice chiding me about how I like to waste time by reading online comics and playing time-waste games like bejeweled. Even thinking about it makes me want to play….

Well, this week, I’m a little more ready to face my assignments. I’ve a real fear of failure so when I feel like the teacher could be mean and bot-like, it makes me not want to come to class and avoid it altogether…. Which I feel like is my illustration class, perhaps the teacher needs some warming up to. :\

So, it turns out that the website admins noted all the teachers that there was problems with logging in at 11:15pm to 12:15, so we got an extension of time. Whee! So there wasn’t much to worry about. I wasn’t worried, but I was resolved to my fate….

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School and Japan Town


I search for the things I need

most, finding but naught in a

stormy uplifting.

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