I like making friends a lot, but it’s better to just message me through comments, it goes to my email anyway. And I’d be more than happy to reply back.

If you would like to discuss the wonders of the universe, philosophy, sociology – the human mind and society, your life purpose, you can get in touch via here: [at]

Also, if you need an illustrator for hire, feel free to get in touch.


One response to “Contact

  1. Sarienne

    Hi, I’m Sarienne and I’ve just been looking for some information on the Illustration Online course at AAU and I happened to come across your page here. I would like to ask you about the course because I’m very interested in applying for the Online classes. Are you taking the Online course? If so, it would be awesome to hear any info on it so I can make my final decision 🙂 I basically am just curious to know if it is a good choice to take the online course because I live in Canada and there’s no way i can move to San Francisco lol.
    Thank you very much,


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